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Full Moon in Taurus 12 November 2019: the physical is spiritual

by Cristina Rombi

Full Moon in Taurus Image by Jordan Benton on Pexels.

On November 12, 2019, at 1:34 PM UTC, the moon will grow full in the sign of Taurus (19°51). Brimming, bright and bountiful as the earthy, sensuous archetype of the bull, a timeless symbol of fertility which has been honoured as sacred in countless cultures throughout the world.

This connection with the Earth’s natural wisdom is preserved in this solid, down-to-earth sign: we would be mistaken if we reduced its symbolism to money and hedonism, although they fall under its rulership. We could say that Taurus represents the intersection between the material and the spiritual, the transcendence in immanence and the innate wisdom of our bodies. Taurus is all of this and much more: it’s that which nourishes us and comforts us. What holds value for us, regardless of its profitability, and the value we place in ourselves. Our relationship with our body – do we honour it? Do we understand its language? Do we practice the necessary self-care to keep it going?

Yes, tending to the physical is a spiritual act in itself; a healthy body whose needs are being met is a healthy vessel for the Spirit; also, our attitude towards the physical is more often than not a reflection of our core values, our beliefs and our morals.  The physical realm and the spiritual spheres are not separated, and the upcoming Taurus Full Moon is going to highlight this connection. Sure, the fruits of our labour might come to fruition and we are likely to reap what we have sown in the material world, but ultimately, it’s the mysterious and undeniable interdependence between what we have, what we own, what we want, what we need and how we feel that will be under the spotlight.

The full moon reveals, illuminates, shines a light on hidden corners; under a full moon we experience realizations, revelations, epiphany and even closure. A Taurus Full Moon will illuminate the practical outcomes of our spiritual and emotional state and the hidden layers of meaning in our material reality. Our self-worth, or lack thereof, our openness to receive, tendency to overextend ourselves or reluctance in giving back will all be mirrored back at us, so that we can make the necessary course-corrections to our attitude.

Aspects to the Full Moon in Taurus: Mercury, Saturn, Pluto

Revising and reviewing our relationship with the physical and the practical is going to play a very important role at this time, since the Moon is challenged by an opposition to Retrograde Mercury in Scorpio. Aligning our values and our self-image with our core truth might take additional inner work on our behalf, but when it comes to Taurus, hard work always pays off.

Thankfully, the Taurus Full Moon is also supported by a trine from the applying Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Capricorn: our sense of integrity and our courage in digging up unconscious conditioning and ingrained patterns will serve as a compass to navigate the restoration of our wholeness in body, heart and Soul.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, will set the emotional and intellectual tone for this Full Moon transiting through the expansive, buoyant, philosophical sign of Sagittarius, urging us to have faith in what makes us feel joyful and empowered. Our feelings lead the way, and following our happiness is the best form of Taurean self-care we can choose.  

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4 Comments on Full Moon in Taurus 12 November 2019: the physical is spiritual

  1. LOL, this is on my birthday. I was born at 12.10 London time. This full moon will fall in my 3rd/9th house.

    There are places, people and themes I am So. Done. With. these days, so I expect some big stuff around this time… Whatever it will be.

    • Happy birthday/SR, Anette! With the Full Moon being a point of culmination we can hope that the themes and situation we are done with, will come to a head and be dealt with once and for all. I know the feeling!

  2. beautifully written, Cristina! I could feel the earthy, sensual side of Taurus through your words and look forward to seeing the beauty of this Full Moon in the sky!

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