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Full Moon in Taurus: get in touch with nature

A time to ground yourself and reconnect with Nature

Full moon

0n the 19 November the Full Moon rises at 27 degrees of Taurus, eclipsed by the alignment of the Sun and Earth. This partial lunar eclipse is the last lunar eclipse of 2021. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and if we can tap into the positive aspects of the archetype this can be a powerful and beautiful energy. However eclipses tend to hide things from us, blinding us. Instead of feeling secure in the grounded earthiness of Taurus we may cling instead to false securities: material possessions or possessive attitudes towards loved ones.

The Taurus full moon brings with it themes of earthiness, sensuality and the potential to ground emotional needs in physical reality. Taurus represents spirit made flesh and when the moon passes through this sign our emotional needs tend to be of the earthy and sensual sort. We revel in good food and wine, music, beauty and luxury, decadence of all kinds. A full moon in Taurus gives us the opportunity to get down and dirty, to explore to the fullest our earthiness, our rootedness in being.

However as this particular full Moon engages with a t-square between Mars, Saturn and Uranus, we can expect some of the less healthy aspects of the Taurean archetype to emerge. We may find ourselves overindulging, feeling possessive or insecure. Fortunately the Moon moves so rapidly we’ll soon be in a different frame of mind!

Read more about the Mars-Saturn-Uranus t-sqaure in my November forecast.

Who will feel the Taurus eclipse most strongly?

If you have planets in the second two decanates of Taurus, or one of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), you will feel the Full Moon in Taurus more strongly. You are also more likely to experience the Lunar Eclipse in your personal life.

Look to the cusp of the house Taurus inhabits to see in which area(s) of life this energy is playing out. It is in these areas where you will find yourself learning lessons around security and stability (or lack thereof), will-power, persistence and determination in the face of a desire to just lay down and rest.

Conversely you may find yourself looking at where you refuse to surrender, pushing against the universe when you would do better to let go and allow things to flow to your naturally. Some say Taurus is ruled by the Earth and she is a formidable enemy but a very generous friend. Work with her not against her.

Any or all of these issues may emerge during this full moon in Taurus so be ready to receive them in full consciousness. As always during a full moon, you have the opportunity to reap the blessings, or the consequences of the seeds you have sown during the past month.

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