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Full Moon in Taurus: get in touch with nature

A time to ground yourself and reconnect with Nature

Full moon

The Taurus full moon of 6th/7th November will bring with it themes of earthiness, sensuality and the potential to ground emotional needs in physical reality.

Taurus represents spirit made flesh and when the moon passes through this sign our emotional needs tend to be of the earthy and sensual sort. We revel in good food and wine, music, beauty and luxury, decadence of all kinds. A full moon in Taurus gives us the opportunity to get down and dirty, to explore to the fullest our earthiness, our rootedness in being.

As Molly Hall points out, in her article Taurus Full Moon in the Houses, the Moon is exalted in Taurus and “so it’s not as frenetic as other lunar peaks.” The still powerful full moon energy is grounded by the earth sign and so can be more easily channeled through our intention.

When the moon makes a difficult aspect to Jupiter, as it does here, we may find ourselves overindulging in these things, drinking a little too much, lazying about watching television when there are more pressing things to be done, lying in the sunshine instead of going for a run. Don’t beat yourself up, enjoy your decadent mood while it lasts. The Moon moves so rapidly you will find yourself all too soon in a more industrious frame of mind! Taurus is the energy that grounds us in our physical bodies and reminds us that we are here to enjoy this life and all the sensual delights it offers.

The deeper meaning of full moon in Taurus

Taurus, being the manifestation of spirit in matter, also represents the Earth itself and our relationship to her. If you find yourself having lost contact with Nature, use this Taurus full moon to renew your acquaintance. Purposefully set aside time for this. Engaging in some kind of physical activity at the same time, such as walking, yoga or jogging will help get you out of your head and into your body, grounding you and opening up a connection with Earth.

Take special care to listen to your body during this time as you will be more open to hearing what it has to say. Are there foods or substances that your body is telling you are unhealthy for you? Does it want more movement, or less? Are you taking enough time to rest and relax? Are you indulging in too much of something? Do you need to nourish your body a little more And here I am not talking merely about food! Sex, bathing, massage, physical touch and exercise are all ways we can nourish the body and ground ourselves in our physical reality.

From a more esoteric perspective we see that Taurus sits on one end of the will and desire spectrum with Scorpio occupying the other end. This gives us some insight into how our physical desires can be transformed, perhaps moving from a place of indulgence and into more healthy aspirations and goals. For as Buddha points out, attachment to what we desire on this Earthly plan eventually lead to suffering if we are unable to step back and see them from the Observer’s point of view.

If you have planets in the sign of Taurus this can give you insight into which aspects of yourself are learning about and through the principle of material desire in this lifetime. If you don’t, look to the cusp of the house Taurus inhabits to see in which areas of life this energy is playing out. It is in these areas where you will find yourself learning lessons around security and stability (or lack thereof), will-power, persistence and determination in the face of a desire to just lay down and rest.

Any or all of these issues may emerge during this full moon in Taurus so be ready to receive them in full consciousness. As always during a full moon, you have the opportunity to reap the blessings, or the consequences of the seeds you have sown during the past month.

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