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Full Moon in Virgo: a moment of clarity

A guest post by Cristina Rombi of Zodiac Poetry

Full Moon in Virgo. Image by Jen Theodore on Unsplash.

The next Full Moon arriving on March 9 (5:47 PM UTC), at 19°37 of Virgo, brings a dose of practical magic to pierce the veil of the recent Mercury Retrograde cycle, which will be coming to an end hours after the Full Moon itself: considering the state of alert and (legitimate) health concerns that are taking hold in many parts of the world, no Full Moon has ever been more timely. But after all, that’s just Virgo doing what she does best: being punctual, well-timed, diligent in delivering reality-based elucidation.

The surgical precision of this Full Moon, which confronts the nebulous vagueness of the Sun/Neptune conjunction in Pisces, helps us sorting facts from fake news, intuition from paranoia, what is effective from what is impractical: a no-nonsense reveal, as clear-cut as it can be with Mercury still hours from stationing direct. But it’s something. It’s an instruction manual for a troubled, complex present. A moment of clarity. A silvery spotlight on that which can be used, which truly serves us, what can concretely improve our current situation.

There will be answers. They may be certainties. A whisper of them, at least, which will become a loudly resonant voice after the direct station has occurred. Too, the outcome of the hard work we have been humbly and carelessly carrying out behind the scenes throughout the past months will become visible, tangible. Results of something we have been refining will be in plain sight, and they will be handy, relevant, workable.

The very interesting aspects surrounding the Full Moon in Virgo provide more context and a deeper insight into its significance: a certain forward-thinking, progressive streak is highlighted by both Mercury, ruler of the Full Moon, still retrograde (but barely) in the experimental sign of Aquarius, and the sizzling, thrilling Venus/Uranus conjunction in Taurus. Clarity will call forth change, along with the acceleration of matters centered on health, work, finances and communal dynamics onto the next level. A peak fix-it moment, with radical, revolutionary implications: a glimpse of the future.

Unsurprisingly, the Full Moon in Virgo receives unwavering and enthusiastic support from the Capricorn stellium: these two signs may not speak the exact same language, as the subdued, industrious grace of Virgo may be lost on Capricorn, and, in turn, the Virgin may be not too fond of heights, the head-spinning vertigo of dominance, the exposure. They both do, however, understand the value of work ethics and sustained endeavour.

And so it happens that Jupiter, from his above-ground vantage point, extends a helping, magnanimous hand: expansion in a vertical sense is a possibility under this Full Moon, and so is turning that clarity into power, into mastery, into something that we can use to advance to the next stage in the pursuit of our goals.

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