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Full Moon in Virgo – cut the crap

Full Moon in Virgo Image author unknown.

On 27 February the Full Moon in Virgo rises at 9° Virgo making a loose trine to Uranus in Taurus. As Uranus is currently locked in an ongoing square with Saturn, the defining transit of 2021, this Full Moon has the potential to be a positive force for change. Read all about this important transit in my article Saturn square Uranus: Old structures succumb to a new vision.

On the personal level can use this Full Moon in Virgo to support change by clearing out what no longer serves us and creating space for something new to emerge. It’s a good time to get organised and reassess your relationship with material possessions.

Many people use possessions as a substitute for internal security. That’s Taurus stuff and I’m not talking about that here. What I’m talking about is how we let stuff get on top of us and control us through disorganisation. You know what I mean. Somewhere in your house, perhaps several places in your house, there’s a pile of stuff that doesn’t have a place or a purpose. Today is the day to do something about it.

Sorting and getting rid of stuff doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be fun. Not to mention very, very liberating. Just choose a time when the energy is right (such as this Full Moon in Virgo), put on your favourite music (preferably at high volume) and get started.

Think of yourself as a Samurai whose sharp sword cuts through the bullshit. For instance you find a bag of old coat-hangers that have been sitting in your spare room for the past year. As you go to put them in the goodwill box you hear a voice in your head that says, ‘But these might come in useful sometime down the track.’ Slash! Out they go.

Once you’ve got rid of all the stuff you just don’t need use the powerful Virgo talent for systemisation to make the rest of your possessions more accessible and organised. This way you’re much more likely to use and enjoy them.

Another great way to make use of this Full Moon in Virgo energy is to make a list of all the projects that need to be completed. Start by crossing off all those you know in your heart you have no intention of finishing. Be ruthless and follow up your intention by getting rid of those half-finished projects. Then prioritise the tasks you have left and commit to completing one per day for the rest of the month.

How this Full Moon in Virgo affects us on a deeper level

The work you do divesting yourself of material clutter may have a much more profound affect than merely freeing you from the burden of useless stuff. What we do on the external level is often mirrored on the inner and in this case you may just find yourself letting go of some limiting beliefs and painful memories, along with the out-of-date makeup and old shoes.

Stay present and aware as you fill those goodwill boxes, observing your emotions and the sensations in your body. Things may come up that you don’t expect, and perhaps some of them will be painful. Just feel them and then let them go. The beauty of this Full Moon in Virgo is that we have an opportunity to resolve a few things that have been hanging around in our subconscious like clutter in the back of our closets.

Practicing letting go of stuff exercises that important muscle of non-attachment that is so useful when it comes to big life transitions. Letting go of an old jacket may not seem like a great spiritual advancement but it’s helping to free you from the inevitable pain of clinging to something that is meant to end. If this concept is new to you check out this great article on Attachment and Buddhism by Barbara O’Brien.

To see which area of your life is most affected by this Full Moon in Virgo check to see where 9° Virgo falls in your chart. Those with planets or points between 6 and 12 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) will be most strongly impacted by this transit.

To get started applying this forecast to your own life, grab a free birth chart at and download my free ebook The Language of Astrology.

What are your plans for this Full Moon in Virgo?

4 Comments on Full Moon in Virgo – cut the crap

  1. Dione Carroll // February 27, 2015 at 8:09 am // Reply

    Gorgeous post! As a Virgo that loves to collect things (Taurus Asc.) this resonated so much. 5 March I shall read and reread your words X

  2. OMG! I started packing boxes yesterday. Four levels of chucking. ( So Virgo moon ) 1: to the dump
    2: to the charity shop
    3: to the auction house
    4: to sell to get money for.

    A painter arrives today to paint the walls. I need clean and clear right now. I am even chucking my grannies ugly tea set (!)

    And where is my Moon? 7°Virgo Sun 9° Capricorn.

  3. Virgo rising @ 8 degrees checking in. 🚀🚀🚀🚀 Happy full moon, y’all!!!

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