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Full Moon in Aries 13 October 2019: the Unconscious Warrior

By Cristina Rombi

Full Moon in Aries Image by Unsplash

The Aries Full Moon coming up on October 13, 2019,  at  9:08 PM UTC, at 20 degrees of the sign of the Ram, is a cosmic detonation. There is the fire of the Ram, the reckless flame of the boldest sign of the Zodiac, and there is the fuel – an explosive one at that. In fact, the most noteworthy aspect received by this lunation is a peremptory exact square from none other than His Majesty of the Underworld: Pluto, the Lord of sex, death, power and taboo.

Full Moon shine a bright spotlight on whatever is coming full-circle in our lives (see also: Moon Phases Meditation, for a more in-depth elaboration on how to work with lunar phases). Under a Full Moon, latent dynamics are more likely to culminate, hidden realities can manifest, and the veil of ignorance gets torn. There is no hiding from a Full Moon – any Full Moon. It’s a moment of cosmic clarity, of epiphany. The more energetically charged – as it’s the case with this upcoming Full Moon – the more powerful.

Under the Aries Full Moon, arriving in the bold and feisty sign of the Ram, epiphanies and revelations may illuminate our desire to stand up for ourselves, to follow our instincts, and have our own way. But since Pluto is part of the picture, there is more than meets the eye. More to unpack. More to integrate. More to acknowledge. This “more” comes from the depths of our being, from past traumas we are yet to process, from the feelings we sweep under the rug because we deem them less than acceptable. Our rage at this time does indeed contain multitudes, and eventually we are getting to meet them all.

This explosive mix – the assertiveness and drive for significance of Aries, and the unconscious, deep-rooted motives of Pluto – can either bring triumph or devastation, glorious resurrection or tragic downfall. When Pluto is involved, there is no in-between. The ruler of this Full Moon is Mars, currently transiting the sign of Libra; this suggests that our impulses towards self-affirmation might cause frictions in relationships if not handled properly. We want to stand in our Truth, to embrace a shift that was long overdue, and to discover ourselves as multidimensional beings who contain Darkness and Light in equal measure – but we want to do so without alienating our partners, spouses, collaborators, or damaging our bond with them.

One way to avoid negative outcomes is to focus on our need for independence and relinquish the illusion of control over people and situations that surround us. The Pluto-induced urgency to purge our psychic material might prompt us to try to control the outcomes of the situation we are experiencing, but the truth is, there is but one single factor of the equation we can truly control: it’s our attitude – actions and reaction. At this time, we should focus on our independence without trying to undermine that of others. We can win our battles without starting wars.

There is so much more we can do with the raw power of Aries and Pluto combined than self-sabotage. For instance, reclaiming the lost fragments of our Soul; owning our anger; channeling this power into meaningful choices that can have a positive, empowering impact on our Life.

2 Comments on Full Moon in Aries 13 October 2019: the Unconscious Warrior

  1. Pamela Guyon // October 7, 2019 at 5:17 pm // Reply

    And it’s on my birthday no less!

    • Libra stellium, happy birthday and happy solar return! The next 12 months between this birthday and the next should have the energy of this Full Moon as a recurring theme for you. P.s. I’m a Libra too! :)

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