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Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus: get in touch with nature

0n the 19 November the Full Moon rises at 27 degrees of Taurus, eclipsed by the alignment of the Sun and Earth. This partial lunar eclipse is the last lunar eclipse of 2021. The Moon is exalted in Taurus and if we can tap into the positive aspects of the archetype this can be a powerful and beautiful energy. However eclipses tend to hide [read more...]

Full Moon in Aries: assert yourself

The Full Moon in Aries of 20 October 2021 is likely to be a doozy. At 27 degrees of Aries it will form a loose t-square with an applying square between Mars and Pluto which could create very volatile situation, especially in relationships. Mercury is exactly trine Lilith for the second time and we may feel a need to assert our feminine [read more...]
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