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New Moon in Aries: forward motion

Image Firebird by Kaleriya Kukulieva and Boris Kukuliev

On 12 April the New Moon rises at 22 degrees Aries as Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is likely to be a pretty intense day as Venus and Pluto are at 26 degrees so the New Moon will trigger the square, intensifying its impact.

During this Venus square Pluto there may be a strong desire to be in control and to gain success in your endeavours. You may even find yourself sacrificing the needs of others in order to achieve your goals. Bear in mind that when this transit ends you will come to realise how important the contributions of others are to the process and may regret alienating the very people who would be your allies.

On a more positive note, the New Moon in Aries inspires us with the courage, will and determination to initiate some serious forward motion.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the cycle. Of course astrology consists of many cycles, overlapping and interconnected, which work together in a complex process of unfolding. Yet each time we encounter Aries we are given an opportunity to begin anew. Aries contains the potential of all the other signs. As the first fire sign, it is the seed that already hold within it the spark of life.

How will the New Moon in Aries affect you?

To see in which area of life the initiating energy of this New Moon in Aries will affect you, look to see where 22 degrees Aries falls in your natal chart. For me it is in the 11th House of Social Networks, in sextile aspect to Jupiter in Gemini in my 1st House. From this I can see that there will be opportunities (Jupiter) to move forward (Aries) through connecting with others in my wider social circle (11th House).

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Your turn…

In what direction will you focus this fiery energy of the New Moon in Aries? What areas of your life require an injection of new life? Please share your thoughts below.

8 Comments on New Moon in Aries: forward motion

  1. Falls in my 8th house, conjunction with my north node and a sextile with Chiron. Sounds fantastic to me.

  2. I am an Aries, April 5th born. My table shows that Zodiac in degrees falls on Libra 28.17 Placidus XI Aries 16.29. Could you pls. tell me how this is going to be?

  3. This new moon will to an exact sextile to my natal mars (2802 degrees). Excited about empowering my physical being even more. Also on the 21st Uranus will sextile my natal Moon. This should get juicy :) Much Love! Great article.

  4. Linda Smith // April 8, 2021 at 5:44 pm // Reply

    Falls in my second house and opposes my natal Saturn and Neptune Libra, 8th house. My Saturn and Neptune have been under squares from the Capricorn transiting planets for what feels like eons.

  5. It falls in my 7th house and opposes Venus in Libra in my first house. What might I expect?

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