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New Moon in Gemini 22 May 2020: Read Between the Lines

New Moon in Gemini. Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash. Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash.

If you have been keeping up to date with the astrology lately, you most likely know that the air all around us is buzzing with cerebral, vibrant Gemini energy. We may have four planets (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto) travelling backwards through the Zodiac, but the stillness is only surface-level. Things are churning and stirring underneath.

For one, Mercury is home. The fluid, nonbinary messenger of the Gods is currently feeling the wind beneath their wings, in their natural habitat. Too, the North Node entered Gemini on May 5. Goddess of all things lush and pleasurable, Venus, was already fluttering through the prismatic sign of the Twins ever since April 3, and, on May 13, she reached a standstill and began her Retrograde journey through the sign.

Like human antennae, we are thus caught in a web of information and data endlessly unravelling, coming at us from multiple directions. Floating all around us, like specks of light suspended in the air. Tickling our minds, and seducing our brains.

The New Moon in Gemini (02°05),  arriving on May 22, at 5:38 PM UTC, is a cosmic conversation starter. It’s the moment when we allow the global discourse we’re partaking in to plant seeds within us. The moment when we pluck those ideas from the ether and make something out of it. Something that can inspire us, move us through doorways, make our mind a more lively, animated place.

Even though we may have to sit with the slight discomfort of having many questions, and little to no answers. We’re leaving dogmas and outdated cultural mono-cropping in the rear-view mirror, or, better said, in the Sagittarius South Node. The Gemini North Node era is different. We’re flexing our intellectual muscles. We’re cross-pollinating. We’re chatting. We’re picking and choosing. We’re slipping in and out of roles, labels and definitions. We’re learning from each other’s lived experience. We’re creating new neural pathways. We’re listening.

It doesn’t matter how we conceptualized, rationalized or understood certain elements in the beginning of our journey: Mercury, dispositor of the New Moon, holding hands with Venus Retrograde — they will be conjoined almost to the minute — reminds us that it’s okay to retrace our steps, to turn to one another in search of the missing piece of the puzzle, the missing element that sets the record straight, the elusive idea that fills the hole in our knowledge. It’s okay to change our mind. It’s okay to assess the information that emerged and decide that it’s time to steer our trajectory.

Just, not so fast.

Mars in Pisces squares the New Moon, and Neptune herself makes a square to the conjunction of Mercury and Venus. The Piscean, Neptunian signature is all over this New Moon, adding layers upon layers of nuances, possibilities, reflections, refractions. There may be more information to sift through than we had expected. Emerging in less rational, less logical ways. Written or spoken in languages we don’t quite master. Articulated in figures of speech. Requiring us to be open, alert and non-judgmental, yet careful in determining what is meant for us to hear and see, yet intuitive, yet patient in letting it all marinate within us before everything clicks and we can actually put it into practice.  In the meantime, we might have to question, revisit, double-check.

Thankfully, a trine from Saturn in Aquarius to the New Moon in Gemini supports this intent. Saturn does patience. Saturn in Aquarius also does commitment to revolutionary spins on old ideas. If from all of this Retrograde-infused, Piscean vapour we can distill something that takes us beyond old narratives and helps us envisioning new scenarios, we will already be halfway to where we want to be.

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Article by Cristina Rombi. Originally posted on Zodiac Poetry Astrology.

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