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New Moon in Scorpio 27 October 2019: Who You Want to Be

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Scorpio season can force revelations on us that we seldom feel prepared for. These are soul declarations that disrupt our consciousness so completely that we must reshape around new beliefs about our self. We humans tend to resist the changes that time and circumstance bring, but learning how to be comfortable with these inner, seismic shifts is the bridge to growing your own unique vision of yourself. This New Moon in Scorpio invites you to embrace and reflect on this latent ability lying restlessly within you.

We are in a time of deciding and living our truth, even though it is a challenge to do so. This New Moon in Scorpio carries the energetic frequency and friction of what it means to feel free. Free to be who you are and create your space of belonging in this world.

New Moon in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus: Letting go of what you have learned.

We are taught there is safety in numbers, in conformity and in sameness. We constantly look outside of ourselves for approval that tells us that we have a right to our feelings; that is, if it doesn’t step on anybody else’s sensibilities. And if it does, we are encouraged to adjust, re-frame and swallow whatever it is that causes discomfort to others.

We have learned that empowerment is earned and therefore, not everybody deserves to rise up and above their circumstances. This is a chronic mis-education that has pervaded generations across the globe. Uranus in Taurus opposite the new moon in Scorpio seeks to dismantle those lessons in all of us. Uranus is our reminder that we were always meant to liberate ourselves from anything that binds us to a false truth.

History only repeats itself as long as we are the ones doing the repeating.

There has never been a time of greater awareness than what we are living in now. It is the light that can dissipate the shadows around us and it also illuminates the changes needed within us. If we resist that light and keep our own inner shadows alive, we bring those shadows everywhere we go. There is no escaping from our self.

Holding on to what is and what we have been taught is an active shadow within us. It is what causes cycles to repeat and it is what fuels our current state of world affairs. There is great profit for those who are invested in keeping mass consciousness in the dark. But there will also be great release and revelation in our world when that light inevitably erupts through each individual, bringing a much needed feeling of freedom.

History can shift in any present moment, both on a personal and collective level when an individual is no longer willing to support the false education they have received. The biggest lie ever told is that we must remember history in order to not repeat it. However, it is that attachment that keeps us stuck in the energetic patterns that cause powerlessness and emotional poverty, in the first place.

If you have planets or points in the early degrees of the Fixed signs, that is Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius, you will feel the energy of this aspect most strongly.

New Moon in Scorpio trine the North Node in Cancer: An uncomfortable truth

We are complicit in the way our societies and communities unfold and we are the co-creators of our every experience. There is no protection from that fact and we cannot hide from it to feel safe, either. We are not just human beings, powerless to the circumstances around us; We are also a spiritual and energetic consciousness that is connected to each other and all of life. Imagine for a moment that we are actually powerful beyond recognition.

There is another side of our self that we rarely consider when we think of who we are. This creates a blind spot that is detrimental to our individual growth and evolution. We must be willing to detach from our human history so to expand our education of who we truly are. We can’t do that by constantly looking back as we are struggle to move forward.

It is our responsibility to see our whole self for who we are. Our inner freedom depends on it. The self is always in a state of expansion and it will always be a decision to resist or embrace that growth.

If you have planets or points in the early degrees of the Water signs, that is Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you will feel the energy of this aspect most strongly.

New Moon in Scorpio: Who you are when nobody else is looking

In our private spaces, who we are is a tightly kept secret. Mostly because we don’t even know who that person is without the context of other relationships in our life. Until we are brave enough to imagine our world without the comfort of conformity, we exist in this incubation period, waiting to break open and expand into something new.

This New Moon in Scorpio encourages you to break open and breathe new life into who you want to be. How you define yourself is always up to you, even if you were taught otherwise. And no matter what your age, it is okay if you don’t yet know who that is!

Make the decision to explore what you like and what you dream about. Invite yourself to release the fears and insecurities you learned from others. Step into the light of your whole self and watch the shadows disappear around you. You can be the change you wish to see in your life, your community and your world.

It is, in fact, the only way anything ever truly changes. It has to come from within you.

History becomes your future when you cannot let it go. But a new future can be paved with every present moment you are aware enough to make it your own. Be unafraid to make it about you and everything you are passionate about. We are taught that it is selfish, but it is the truest form of self-preservation that we have.

You deserve to shine and feel your freedom. You were born to explore and expand who you are in every breathtaking moment that life affords you. It is yours and only you know who you want to be through it all.

Be brave. We are all in this together.

Sending you so much love on your path,


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6 Comments on New Moon in Scorpio 27 October 2019: Who You Want to Be

  1. Truly amazing.

  2. ???? All the best to you, love. ????

  3. Dear Rose, the empowering/healing love with which you have showered us through this article is immensely heartwarming and appreciated. Thank you!! Love you very much, too!

    • It is a blessing to be able to share these messages 💜 Thank you for your kind words and I am wishing you a happy New Moon!

  4. Eileen McKay // October 22, 2019 at 3:27 pm // Reply

    A very insightful and wise article which emphasizes the need for freedom to be true to your own soul self. Thank you! xxx

    • You are very welcome, Eileen! As an Aquarius rising, freedom is always on my radar :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Have a happy New Moon! ????

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