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New Moon

New Moon in Scorpio 27 October 2019: Who You Want to Be

Scorpio season can force revelations on us that we seldom feel prepared for. These are soul declarations that disrupt our consciousness so completely that we must reshape around new beliefs about our self. We humans tend to resist the changes that time and circumstance bring, but learning how to be comfortable with these inner, seismic [read more...]

New Moon in Gemini and a solar eclipse: initiate communication

On 10 June the New Moon rises at 19 degrees of Gemini, inviting us to open our minds to new ideas gained through exchange with others. This New Moon occurs in conjunction with Gemini’s ruler Mercury, enhancing the connection between our mind and our emotions. This may clarify any confusion you’ve been experiencing over the [read more...]

New Moon in Taurus: grounding and earth connection

On 11 May the New Moon rises at 21 degrees Taurus. The New Moon in Taurus  steadies our emotions and is a good time for grounding ourselves and reconnecting with the Earth and our physical bodies. During the New Moon Mercury will conjoin the North Node and sextile Chiron, while Mars squares Chiron. There is a strong opportunity to [read more...]

New Moon in Aries: forward motion

On 12 April the New Moon rises at 22 degrees Aries as Venus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is likely to be a pretty intense day as Venus and Pluto are at 26 degrees so the New Moon will trigger the square, intensifying its impact. During this Venus square Pluto there may be a strong desire to be in control and to gain success [read more...]

New Moon in Aquarius: bringing the new into being

On 11 February the New Moon rises in Aquarius, as Venus and Jupiter conjoin and square Lilith in Taurus. The New Moon is at 23 degrees of Aquarius which means that in its dark phase it passes over and triggers the Venus Jupiter Lilith square at 12 degrees. As with all New Moons there is an emphasis on new beginnings, but as this is a [read more...]

New moon in Capricorn: bring order to chaos

On 13 January the New Moon rises in Capricorn as Mars makes its final square to Saturn. This energy speaks to me of two generals meeting in the field in the final days of battle. They are exhausted and ready to negotiate. It is time to create a treaty and a plan for ongoing diplomatic relations. This is a special new moon for me as I was [read more...]

Sagittarius New Moon: urge to roam

On 14 December the New Moon rises in Sagittarius. This will be a total solar eclipse, a potent time of new beginnings for anyone who’s chart is triggered, most significantly if you have planets between 20 and 24 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces). The New Moon in Sagittarius may have you yearning to run [read more...]

The Intensity of Scorpio New Moon

On 23rd October the Scorpio New Moon will rise, bringing with it the opportunity to take a new look at our depths. Some will feel this impulse keenly, and surrender to it easily, especially if they have Scorpio or Pluto strongly influencing their chart. Others will resist at all costs, doing everything they can to stay in the light, when [read more...]