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New Moon in Aquarius: bringing the new into being

New Moon in Aquarius Image from the album Aquarian Moon by Osunlade ~

I’m excited about this New Moon in Aquarius! The Pluto Uranus square is all about waiting for me and as the Sun and Moon both shift almost simultaneously into the sign of revolution I’m expecting some fresh perspectives and innovative new ways of working with the future.

The New Moon in Aquarius falls on 20th January 2015, which means both Sun and Moon are conjunct in the first degree of Aquarius. They make a wide sextile aspect to Saturn, so this is a good time to use our creative power to bring something we feel strongly about into reality. Saturn is a grounding energy and a powerful ally for manifesting our dreams. Aquarius sees the bigger picture so this is also a good time to set long-range goals, while acknowledging that the way forward might not be the one we expect or desire.

With so many planets moving from Capricorn to Aquarius in the last few weeks we’re likely to see a big shift in the way we do things. Capricorn is extremely objective orientated. She’s so focused on achieving her goal that she may not see anything else, including new opportunities that are staring her in the face! Aquarius brings greater objectivity and doesn’t take things as seriously as Capricorn. With Mars now in Pisces for another six weeks a little humour is going to be important. Mars and Neptune are conjunct today ephasising the new energy even more.

Aquarius is an eccentric fellow so don’t expect the ideas that come with this New Moon to be run of the mill. Yet with the Moon sextile to Saturn we can be sure they’ll be realistic. Be open to seeing things a little differently, perhaps stepping out of your comfort zone, and you may well find that a solution or way forward arises in your consciousness quite naturally. Surprises, revelations and creative breakthroughs are more than likely during this New Moon in Aquarius, as well as unexpected or sudden shifts in situations that feel stuck.

Those who’ve been plugging away in a determined Capricornian manner, pushing uphill and against the stream, may suddenly find themselves cutting across the current or taking a side route that ends up getting them to where they need to be much faster and with far less effort. But fixate on a particular outcome and you’re going to be disappointed when things take a little longer than expected, especially with the Uranus square Pluto transit in effect for the next three months at least.

How can we grow through the New Moon in Aquarius?

The New Moon in Aquarius brings a reminder to follow our own inner guidance instead of seeking out the opinions and advice of others. At the same time, Aquarius is all about finding outcomes that are good for everyone. Though a rebel at heart he’s also a humanitarian and is well aware that when we act only from selfish motives we end up alienating ourselves from the whole that is the true source of our well-being and creative power.

This New Moon in Aquarius is all about looking at things from a new and wider perspective. Tools of divination such as Tarot, the I Ching or Rune stones can help open us up to different possibilities. Friends and social networks, both ruled by Aquarius, can also be a source of inspiration. Aquarius advocates a collaborative approach, knowing that when we work together, everyone benefits from the outcome.

Remain awake during this New Moon in Aquarius because there’s also a wide opposition between Venus and Jupiter which can tend us towards over-indulgence in the good things of life. With Mars currently in Pisces willpower might not come so easily and Aquarius’ insistence on freedom at all costs may have some of us making unwise or self-indulgent decisions just for the sake of rebellion.

Another thing to beware of during this New Moon in Aquarius is the tendency to be emotional detached or uncaring. From your objective perspective another person’s emotional reactions may seem dramatic and you’ll probably be wary of getting involved. But behave all cool and aloof and this will only distress your friend further. Remember to act with compassion even when you know someone is over-reacting.

Be wary also of emotional stubborness as this is likely when the Moon aspects Saturn, especially with regard to things you feel strongly about. Remain fluid and allow things to flow. The New Moon in Aquarius is bringing something new into your life; be open to receiving it.

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Image from the album Aquarian Moon by Osunlade.

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