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New Moon in Aries: forward motion

Firebird by Kaleriya Kukulieva and Boris Kukuliev

Saturday 18th April brings the New Moon in Aries and this is going to inspire us with the courage, will and determination to initiate some serious forward motion.

I don’t know about you but with Jupiter, planet of abundance and opportunity, now in direct motion after four months in retrograde, my life is certainly opening up and shifting after months of stuckness. This is a huge relief, especially after a heavy exact transit of Pluto to my natal Venus coincided with the Lunar Eclipse in Libra and left me an emotional basket case for several days!

Apart from the Moon’s conjunction with the Sun this New Moon in Aries is unaspected, so Aries firey initiating power and courage to move forward is uncomplicated by any other energy. I like the way Aeternalight Astrology compares the unaspected and therefore ‘uncontaminated’ energy of this New Moon in Aries to the unattached action of karma yoga, when we act with pure intention but without attachment to results. As Aeterna points out, this is action based on instinct, not on strategy or planning.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the beginning of the cycle. Of course astrology consists of many cycles, overlapping and interconnected, which work together in a complex process of unfolding. Yet each time we encounter Aries we are given an opportunity to begin anew. Aries contains the potential of all the other signs. As the first fire sign, it is the seed that already hold within it the spark of life.

Intensifying this New Moon in Aries is a trine between Pluto and Mars. Mars is the ruler of Aries and together with Pluto they bring focus, physical energy and determination to our efforts. Pluto has recently turned retrograde so there’s an internal focus to his regenerative and transformative power. During his trine to Mars we can especially focus on empowering our physical being. This may mean letting go of addictive relationships to food or drugs, or renewing our health and fitness through exercise or changes to our diet.

During the New Moon in Aries, Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception. This means that Mercury is in Venus’ sign of Taurus while Venus is in Mercury’s sign of Gemini, forcing them to work together for good or ill. Luckily these two get along just fine and this partnering will improve communications as well as our ability to work with others, as we will see things more clearly from their point of view.

Neptune adds its energy to this mix, forming a sextile to Mercury and a square to Venus, so while you may find your intuition is clearer over the weekend, beware of letting others take advantage of your good nature. Neptune-Venus contacts are famous for creating what astrologer Mystic Medusa calls ‘love zombies’ – don’t let yourself become one of them!

How will the New Moon in Aries affect you?

To see in which area of life the initiating energy of this New Moon in Aries will affect you, look to see where 28 degrees Aries falls in your natal chart. For me it is in the 11th House of Social Networks, in sextile aspect to Jupiter in Gemini in my 1st House. From this I can see that there will be opportunities (Jupiter) to move forward (Aries) through connecting with others in my wider social circle (11th House).

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Be conscious of the fact that if there are heavy aspects from transiting Saturn or Pluto to your natal Mars, Moon or Sun then these positive energies will be modified. Each person is responding to the energies of the universe as unique entities. That’s why we’re not robots!

On Monday 20th April the Sun will move into Taurus, ushering in a month of practical and methodical movement towards the goals we have initiated with this New Moon in Aries. You will put down the roots and tend the soil in preparation for reaping the harvest later in the year. May all our efforts bear fruit!

Your turn…

In what direction will you focus this fiery energy of the New Moon in Aries? What areas of your life require an injection of new life? Please share your thoughts below.

Image Firebird by Boris Kukuliev.

6 Comments on New Moon in Aries: forward motion

  1. Falls in my 8th house, conjunction with my north node and a sextile with Chiron. Sounds fantastic to me.

  2. I am an Aries, April 5th born. My table shows that Zodiac in degrees falls on Libra 28.17 Placidus XI Aries 16.29. Could you pls. tell me how this is going to be?

  3. This new moon will to an exact sextile to my natal mars (2802 degrees). Excited about empowering my physical being even more. Also on the 21st Uranus will sextile my natal Moon. This should get juicy :) Much Love! Great article.

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