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New Moon in Gemini: expand your mind, open communication

New Moon in Gemini Image String Communication by Phoenix Kenny

The New Moon in Gemini will rise on 16th June at 25 degrees Gemini, inviting us to open our minds to new ideas gained through exchange with others. During this New Moon in Gemini both the Sun and Moon will conjunct Mars, while at the same time sextiling Jupiter and Uranus. This is a very dynamic aspect formation that will provide the energy, opportunities and lateral thinking needed to implement the new ideas that will arise with this New Moon in Gemini.

Generally, a New Moon in Gemini brings opportunities to move forward with intentions relating to thinking, learning and communicating. Make a resolution to have that difficult conversation, set learning goals, begin a writing project, utilise social media to spread the word about an event or social movement, share ideas and learn from others.

The energy of the New Moon in Gemini is curious, restless and excitable. It’s likely you won’t be satisfied to sit at home in solitude but will crave interaction and conversation. Your social skills will be enhanced and you’ll be more open to differing opinions. By honouring the desire of the New Moon in Gemini to be out and about, on the move, you will maximise the opportunities represented by the Moon’s connection to Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

Be careful during this New Moon in Gemini that you don’t fall into the trap of playing devil’s advocate for its own sake as this could lead you into arguments and prevent you learning from others. Be conscious also of overthinking or allowing your mind to become excessively busy. Take time to quiet the mind through meditation or other mindfulness practice.

Meanwhile, in another part of the cosmos…

Retrograde Saturn has just stepped back into Scorpio so don’t be surprised if some intense, heavy energy comes up, perhaps relating to events you thought were well and truly over. Long held resentments may bubble to the surface, dangerous secrets might be revealed or a power struggle could emerge in one of your most intimate relationships. This will be particularly challenging for me as transiting Saturn is now exactly square my natal Saturn in Leo.

At the same time Gemini’s ruler Mercury is coming into a square aspect with Neptune. With Neptune now retrograde you may find for a few days after the New Moon that your thinking and communication are a little clouded. Indecision may be a challenge as your chattering mind makes it difficult to hear the quiet voice of your intuition. Misunderstandings may also occur in communication. ‘Right brain’ activities such as drawing, crafts and daydreaming are all helpful for tapping into retrograde Neptune’s capacity to connect us back into an awareness of unity.

How will the New Moon in Gemini affect you

This New Moon in Gemini will affect you most strongly if one or more of your natal planets is triggered. For example, the Sun and New Moon in Gemini will conjunct my natal Jupiter in the 1st House and oppose my natal Mercury in the 7th House. This suggests arising opportunities for personal growth and expansion, coupled with challenges to communication. This resonates strongly as I have recently moved to France and am currently struggling with the language.

To see if any natal planets are triggered by this New Moon in Gemini, look at your birth chart to see whether any planet falls at 25 degrees of a Mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces). Such planets will be ‘challenged’ by the New Moon in Gemini. Natal planets at 25 degrees of an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will be positively activated. Also look to see in which House the New Moon in Gemini falls; this will tell you which area of your life will be affected.

If you haven’t already got one, you can download a free birth chart here.

Share your intentions for this New Moon in Gemini

My intention for the New Moon in Gemini is to begin a serious study of the French language to empower myself in this new phase of my life. Based on your own natal chart, what are your own intentions for this New Moon in Gemini?

6 Comments on New Moon in Gemini: expand your mind, open communication

  1. I’ll be starting a short course in sketching and as this is my 7th house maybe taking along or meeting a good friend.

  2. I was planning to call in sick, but not anymore! Might miss a golden opportunity!

  3. It’s smack on my natal Saturn.

  4. Interesting because I have been feelnig restless and excitable the past days. I’d like to start a writing project soon but feel like I don’t have enough time for that yet.

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