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Sagittarius New Moon: urge to roam

Exploring new possibilities can sometimes be an escape from current challenges

Sagittarius new moon Night Sky © Carol Aust ~

The Sagittarius New Moon of November 22nd will have some of you yearning to run away and join the circus. Free spirited Sagittarius is not known for his staying power. In this time of new beginnings any difficulty you are encountering may seem like an excellent excuse to throw in the towel and run off to the next adventure. In your mind this may take the form of an exciting new trip, an ambitious course of study or even a new spiritual guru or philosophy.

Escapism is a key theme here. Your need to explore and discover new ground will be strong and, with Neptune squaring the Moon from Pisces, may even feel like a divine quest. With Neptune in the mix everything ‘over there’ is likely to appear as if through rose coloured glasses. Your mind will say, ‘This just isn’t flowing anymore, it’s time to let go and move on.’ But hold on, wasn’t it just the other day you were saying how happy you are with where you’re at? This is a good time to remember that the grass isn’t really greener on the other side of the fence. Grass is only greener where you water it.

The Moon’s cycles are ephemeral, beware making big decisions based on her emotional fluctuations! I guarantee in a day or two you will feel differently!

So why do I write about the New Moon is its affect is so transitory? Because the Moon is the ruler of our emotions and for most of us these play a huge role in our decision-making and outlook. It’s well worth gaining insight into her monthly cycle and how it affects our moods, especially we women who are so closely bound to her through our menstrual cycle. Those with a lot of water signs in their chart, or a predominance of planets in Cancer or the 4th House, will also feel the Moon’s cycles more acutely. Look also at the aspects to your Moon and its ruler for insight into how you will be effected by her tides of feeling.

The ruler of the Moon in your chart is the planet ruling the sign in which she is placed. For example, if you have the Moon in Capricorn her ruler is Saturn. This will bring a heavy, somewhat constricted quality to the emotions, making them difficult to express, and coloured by themes of responsibility, obligation and sometimes shame. You can see how a Sagittarius New Moon might cause some inner conflict for such a person! Your own Moon ruler will have a similar affect, modifying the energy of the New Moon.

Another reason I write about moon phases is that my partner and I have a habit of performing small manifestation rituals on the nights of the Full and New Moon. This simple process takes just twenty minutes or so but has a powerful affect on our lives by focusing our intention. We use the New Moon energy to clarify our goals for the coming month and the Full Moon as a time of gratitude for blessings bestowed. If you’d like to try something like this for yourself Vision in the Woods has a nice simple article on moon phases and how to channel their energy in your life, but really it’s up to you to design a process that feels good for you.

The upside of the Sagittarius New Moon is her spontaneity, faith and moral conscience. If it is indeed time for a new adventure Sagittarius will choose the direction wisely. Sagittarius New Moon has an openness to life that brings great opportunity, abundance and growth, the gifts of Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter. Be open to these gifts and, whether you choose a new path or continue in faith on the one you have chosen, you will be greatly blessed in the month to come.

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Image by Carol Aust.

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