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The Intensity of Scorpio New Moon

Sex, death and the rebirth of consciousness

Scorpio new moon

On 23rd October the Scorpio New Moon will rise, bringing with it the opportunity to take a new look at our depths. Some will feel this impulse keenly, and surrender to it easily, especially if they have Scorpio or Pluto strongly influencing their chart. Others will resist at all costs, doing everything they can to stay in the light, when what is really needed is a visit to our dark side.

This is a time when your shadow self no longer appears as something separate from you, for in the darkness no shadows exist. Therefore is is a good time for looking at how you might be able to integrate some of those cut off, alienated aspects of your self that you like to keep shut up, usually because you feel ashamed or afraid of them. Unfortunately you cannot simply cut off bits of yourself like this! Your shadow needs to be acknowledged and brought into alignment with the totality of who you are.

This Scorpio New Moon has the added intensity of being conjunct the Sun, Moon, by coincidence the very same pattern that occurred at the time of my birth, though in that case the planets were in Capricorn. A Sun, Moon, Venus conjunction in Scorpio is going to bring up some pretty intense emotions especially around relationships. Such a combination could easily create power struggles, manipulative behaviour and controlling behaviour so keep your eyes open! Watch yourself most closely of all.

What can the Scorpio New Moon teach us?

You may find yourself having very deep and emotional interactions with someone during this Scorpio New Moon, perhaps a conversation that’s been put off for too long or a passionate sexual encounter with someone you have intense feelings for. On the other hand the deep connection may be with yourself, bringing up painful unprocessed feeling related to power and control, sex or the death of a loved one.

In all cases this Scorpio New Moon is a Moon Phase that can bring profound transformation if you let it. For as Leah Whitehorse reminds us, in her article Transiting Moon in Scorpio, the moon’s passage through Scorpio teaches us that “we are in a cyclic and continuous process of change. We must shed what is unnecessary in order for us to move forward. The small and big crisis we experience in our day to day lives puts us in touch with our strength and make known to us our weaknesses. Release something today that you no longer need and make room for new growth.”

So hold onto your hat and let the Scorpio New Moon take you where you need to go!

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