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New moon in Capricorn: bring order to chaos

Set new proirities and get rid of old junk, big changes are on the way!

New Moon in Capricorn Image by Deanna ~

On 13 January the New Moon rises in Capricorn as Mars makes its final square to Saturn. This energy speaks to me of two generals meeting in the field in the final days of battle. They are exhausted and ready to negotiate. It is time to create a treaty and a plan for ongoing diplomatic relations.

This is a special new moon for me as I was born on a New Moon in Capricorn. As this happens just once a year I expect it will be a time of personal reflection, a restful pause for integrating the lessons I’ve learned over the past year and setting new intentions for the year ahead. Capricorn is all about planning, organising and setting targets so it’s likely my personal projects will be getting the once over. New priorities will be set and unnecessary extras culled.

This New Moon in Capricorn also marks the point at which Uranus stations briefly before going direct. While Uranus was retrograde, much of the action was going on internally, perhaps unseen. Now things will become a lot more obvious. This may be a relief if you’ve been waiting for things to shift. When Uranus goes direct expect some sudden changes – surprises may very well be in store!

Uranus is the rebel, the revolutionary and he delights in messing with our carefully laid plans. Like the Tower card in the tarot he tears down what we have so carefully built so that something new can take its place. You may need to surrender something you feel strongly about and this may not be easy, but something new will emerge in its place. This may not be what you want, but it may be what you need!

Astrologer Divine Harmony understands this when she writes, “When we honor the cycles of nature… we make peace with them. What is born must die, what starts must end. One thing gives way to another. Our entire lives are made up of cycles like this – and yet we so often fear one half of the spectrum in the form of endings, death and letting go. When we can learn to embrace this part of the cycle we can stop being reactionary to it and find the center of the wheel – which is where peace and conscious awareness lies.”

This New Moon in Capricorn is about making way for the new

Shifting stagnant energy and clearing out the old to make room for the new are certainly strong themes during this New Moon in Capricorn. An afternoon spent deep-cleaning your closets or garage, getting rid of old junk and making everything fresh and new will probably do you the world of good. Organisation is a strong suit for Capricorn and while you’re clearing out your external environment you’ll probably find a corresponding decluttering process will be going on within you as well.

The industrious and persevering energy of the New Moon in Capricorn can help you bring new commitment and discipline into areas of your life that may have been lacking in structure. To gain insight into which areas of life will be most affected take a look at your natal chart and see in which house the first degree of Capricorn falls. This will help you understand where this organising and restructuring will be most helpful.

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