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Venus in Gemini: our inner compass points to joy

With Venus in Gemini from 9 May it’s time to ask ourselves: what does it mean to be happy without condition? To Love, without Condition? What does it mean to remove all of conditioning from yourself to receive love and feel happy? What would it mean to be able to generate and flow Love and Joy to you and through you whenever you [read more...]

Mercury trine Pluto: powerful communication

On 26 August Mercury trines Pluto as Venus opposes Chiron. Mercury trine Pluto is an extremely direct combination. It gets straight to the point and tends to bring things up that may have been festering beneath the surface for a while. Venus opposed Chiron suggests this may be painful for others around you so try to be gentle. Mercury [read more...]

Sun in Gemini: our thoughts and words are creative

With the Sun in Gemini from 20 May our powers of manifestation will be channeled more strongly than usual through our thoughts and words. This means there is never a better time to be conscious of how we are thinking and speaking about ourselves, others and the world. The power of thought and word in the process of creative manifestation [read more...]

Venus trine Jupiter: abundance, good fortune and generosity

On 6 September Venus trines Jupiter bringing generosity of spirit, openness and benevolence into our relationships. However on the same day, Venus also squares Pluto, a transit that typically creates obsessive, manipulative and unhealthy power dynamics in relationships. Under this transit resentments that have been bubbling under the [read more...]

Sun trine Jupiter: a ray of light in the darkness

I’m familiar with darkness. With my Sun, Moon and Venus in the 8th House all square to Pluto I even crave it at times. But like everyone sometimes I get lost in the dark and find myself firmly in the grip of fear. Those who’ve been experiencing a similar loss of bearings will be relieved to know that Sun trine Jupiter is here [read more...]

Pluto retrograde: confronting the shadow self

With Pluto retrograde from 27 April 2021 until 7 October 2021 we are given an opportunity to explore our darkness and confront the shadow self. Our shadow is all the parts of ourselves we disown. Our demons live in the shadows but, according to psychoanalyst Carl Jung, it is not just the negative aspects of our psyche that are buried [read more...]

Pluto and Mars retrograde: seek out what lies beneath

With both Pluto and Mars retrograde from 17 April two powerful engines of the self are turned inward. This brings the number of planets currently retrograde to four, along with Jupiter and Saturn, and marks a period where many people will be directing their efforts inward, consolidating matters that have been neglected and putting their [read more...]

Secondary progressions as an indicator of inner growth

As astrologers we have many tools available that allow us to interpret past, present and future planetary energies to our birth chart. The most used technique is of course daily planetary transits with the next most used one being Secondary Progressions or more commonly just as “Progressions” even though other types of progressions [read more...]

Venus in Aries: strengths and opportunities in relationship

With Venus now in Aries from 21 March 2021 you may feel a distinct shift in how you do relationships and connect with others. Venus is in its detriment in Aries, however that doesn’t mean that this combo doesn’t have anything positive to offer. This transit will be particularly empowering for those who tend towards martyrdom in their [read more...]

Mercury in Aries: say it like it is (but try to be gentle)

Mercury enters Aires on 4 April 2021 and will stay in the sign of the warrior for just two weeks. With Mercury in Aries there isn’t much beating around the bush when it comes to putting our point across. In fact if you’ve been biding your time, waiting for the right words and the right moment to say what needs to be said then [read more...]

Retrograde Saturn and a lunar eclipse in Libra: self and other

The much anticipated lunar eclipse in Libra will occur on 23 March, followed closely by the beginning of the 2016 retrograde Saturn cycle on the 25th. With the Moon in ‘other’ focused Libra this transit will have a strong impact on intimate relationships, especially as Libra’s ruler Venus is moving into a t-square [read more...]

Sun square Saturn: obstacles will dissolve at the right time

The Sun will square Saturn on 3 May. This is a very uncomfortable energy denoting power struggle and obstacles. Those who are affected may come up against authority figures, or people who obstinately refuse to agree with us. Many people will struggle with feelings of depression and stuckness as they come to terms with reality. Sun square [read more...]

Mars in Sagittarius: a galloping archer on a beach

With Mars in Sagittarius from Monday 7 March our physical energy and drive will get a real boost. Our desire to explore, learn and travel will be stronger as the archetype of the adventurer is activated within us. We’ll feel brave, capable and ready for anything but may have little stamina or focus. Due to Mars turning retrograde [read more...]

Moon square Saturn and trine Pluto: emotional restraint

With Moon square Saturn exact on 23 February and a trine with Pluto currently perfecting there may be some very strong feelings that feel somehow difficult to express. Moon square Saturn can feel emotionally heavy and sometimes result in a very blue day! But the trine to Pluto will free things up somewhat and help channel the energy in a [read more...]

Mercury in Aquarius: systems thinking may neglect the individual

Mercury entered Aquarius on 8 January 2021. You may notice a subtle shift in your thinking and communication style. Mercury remains in Aquarius until 16 March, turning retrograde between 30 January and 21 February. Being an air sign Mercury functions well in Aquarius. The mind is likely to be sharp and astute with flashes of inspiration, [read more...]
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