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Mercury retrograde: how to make it work for you

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Cancer on 18 June, joining Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in an inward going spiral that can be frustrating for some and nourishing for others. The way Mercury retrograde affects you is largely to do with how it triggers your natal chart, but it also has a lot to do with your own attitude and [read more...]

New Moon in Aquarius: bringing the new into being

I’m excited about this New Moon in Aquarius! The Pluto Uranus square is all about waiting for me and as the Sun and Moon both shift almost simultaneously into the sign of revolution I’m expecting some fresh perspectives and innovative new ways of working with the future. The New Moon in Aquarius falls on 20th January 2015, [read more...]

Mars in Pisces: the warrior attempts to meditate

Mars in Pisces is not a combination that works easily together. Imagine that on his adventures Hercules met a monk who told him all his problems would be solved if he just sat down under a tree and meditated. Being open to any idea that might help him get ahead Hercules decides to give it a try. He sits down as he’s told and begins [read more...]

Saturn in Sagittarius: time to grow up

Some people tremble when they hear the word Saturn. This is because Saturn won’t allow us to shirk our responsibilities. But like your mum forcing you to clean your room when you were a kid, in the end Saturn helps us become better human beings. In fact if we’re open Saturn brings many gifts, keeping us on track and helping [read more...]

Full Moon in Cancer: healthy nurturing

This month’s full moon in Cancer falls on the 4th or 5th January, depending on whereabouts in the world you happen to be. Partaking in a powerful grand-cross with Uranus, Pluto and the North Node, this full moon in Cancer is a focal point for the emergence and subsequent release of emotional baggage to do with nurturing and the [read more...]

Squares in synastry: how to make them work

Squares in synastry have a bad reputation. Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto squares have a particularly nasty rep as they’re associated with misunderstandings and conflict. But a negative and fatalistic view of squares in synastry could have you caught up in self-defeating self-talk, when in many cases all that’s [read more...]

Saturn in Sagittarius: taming wild horses

As the cosmic kaleidoscope shifts again the great teacher Saturn moves from dark, emotional Scorpio into freedom loving, philosophic Sagittarius. The Saturn in Sagittarius transit will last for approximately two and a half years, bringing change not only at the personal level but at the level of our social, ethical and governance systems [read more...]

Lunar fertility: astrology for pregnancy

As we women know, tuning into our menstrual cycle is the key to understanding and managing our fertility. And what controls and regulates our menstrual cycle? The Moon. Understanding our fundamental lunar fertility is all about getting in touch with the cycles of the Moon. Many women in their 30’s wait for years to get pregnant, [read more...]

New moon in Capricorn: bring order to chaos

This month’s New Moon in Capricorn falls on 22 December, the solstice. In the northern hemisphere this marks the shortest day of the year and the point at which the Earth begins to wake from her wintery slumber. In the Southern hemisphere it is the longest day, the high point of the summer. The New Moon in Capricorn occurs only a [read more...]

Uranus square Pluto: how it affects you

We’ve seen a lot of articles on Uranus square Pluto over the last few weeks as this important generational aspect gets closer and it’s clear that on a societal level this aspect is causing a lot of conflict and upheaval. But how will it affect our individual lives? Firstly, it’s important to realise that this Uranus [read more...]

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Transiting Pluto: everything changes

Transiting Pluto bring transformation at the deepest level and this can be exceedingly painful. The areas of life touched by Pluto, by planet and house placing, are going to see some pretty profound changes on both the inner and outer sphere of existence. My own experience of transiting Pluto has been difficult and this is just the [read more...]

Moon transits: tides of emotion

Moon transits bring up emotional responses in the areas of life ruled by the planet it is touching. During this time the moon enriches our emotional life in many positive ways. When aspects are difficult or certain triggers are activated in the chart the moon’s dark side is revealed and we need to shine the light of consciousness [read more...]

Midheaven transits: career change

The midheaven represents the zenith of our human accomplishment. The sign that sits on your midheaven, as well as any planets that lie on or near the midheaven, will determine what kind of accomplishment this will be, and in what niche, or profession you are likely to achieve it. The midheaven represents the time and sphere of our lives [read more...]

Full moon in Gemini: gather together

Unless something is going on for you personally, you can look forward to a social and outgoing full moon in Gemini this month. Yang energy abounds with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus all in Air or Fire signs, and you’ll probably be chatty and keen to make new friends and share ideas. Seek out a [read more...]
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