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Final Uranus Pluto square: integration

With the final Uranus Pluto square exact on 17th March and still very much in effect until at least mid May, I’d like to share this in-depth video by astrologer Rick Levine. He’s an incredibly insightful astrologer and explains beautifully the many different energies at play during this busy astrological period. Rick is also [read more...]

Venus in Taurus: Connect with nature

With Venus in Taurus from 14 April 2021 we may find ourselves craving a more meaningful and literal connection with nature. Venus, planet of connection, rules two of the twelve astrological signs: airy Libra, sign of human partnership, and earthy Taurus, sign of our more primal relationship with nature and the complex, interconnected [read more...]

Saturn retrograde: the art of pruning

On 23 May 2021 Saturn turns retrograde and will remain in apparent backward motion until 11 October. During this time it will form a second exact square with transiting Uranus (more on that important transit here). Retrograde Saturn is a time for pruning away anything that no longer serves you. The art of pruning is very Saturnian, [read more...]

Mars ignites the Uranus Pluto square

On 11th March Mars will conjoin Uranus in Aries, adding its restless, impetuous energy to the already strong and building tension of the Uranus Pluto square. Those personally affected by the Uranus Pluto square have probably been feeling blocked in the areas of life affected by the transit, or are experiencing delays and difficulties in [read more...]

Free readings, mini lessons and more

I live in a community of people who understand that money and material possessions aren’t really where it’s at. As most of my friends and clients don’t have a lot of disposable income to spend on luxury items such as astrology readings, I felt drawn to offer a series of short, present-moment specific free readings for [read more...]

Full Moon in Virgo – cut the crap

On 27 February the Full Moon in Virgo rises at 9° Virgo making a loose trine to Uranus in Taurus. As Uranus is currently locked in an ongoing square with Saturn, the defining transit of 2021, this Full Moon has the potential to be a positive force for change. Read all about this important transit in my article Saturn square Uranus: Old [read more...]

Growing through difficult transits

A good friend wrote to me recently after receiving an astrology reading. The reading gave her some context for the difficulties she’s currently experiencing. However because several difficult transits are occurring simultaneously in her chart she feels dis-empowered, and like many people feels her only choice is to hang in there [read more...]

Is it Love? Thoughts on Astrology Compatibility

Astrology compatibility is one of the most searched terms in Google. Every month thousands of people ask themselves the question ‘Is this person right for me?’ Unable to answer it for themselves they head where any-tech savvy person goes for answers: Google. There are so many problems with this I barely know where to begin! [read more...]

Learning astrology? Enjoy these free mini lessons

Learning astrology can be challenging for the beginner. Most people find it complicated and abstract and many give up before they’ve mastered the basics. But learning astrology is just like learning a language. At first it’s all verb tables, conjugations and a head swimming with words that don’t quite fit together. [read more...]

Full Moon in Leo: discomfort can motivate change

This Full Moon in Leo offers us the opportunity to use our creative self-expression to shift stuck patterns and manifest change in our lives. This Full Moon falls on 28 January, the same day as Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn, so watch out for some intense relationship action! It also activates a square configuration between the [read more...]

Venus in Pisces: true love and illusion

On 25 February Venus enters Pisces supporting empathy and compassion between folks. This is an important quality given the ongoing tension of the square between Saturn and Uranus. On the same day Mars trines Pluto, Jupiter trines the North Node and the Sun sextiles Uranus. This is a powerful combination and actions initiated on this day [read more...]

Evolutionary astrology: beyond predictions and personality

If you’re anything like me, your first taste of astrology was probably via Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs or one of the thousands of newspaper horoscopes that claim to know how your day will go. Because it was so simplistic I immediately rejected it. I couldn’t accept that human beings, that diverse, nuanced bunch of saints [read more...]

Mercury retrograde: how to make it work for you

On 29 May Mercury turned retrograde as it conjoined Venus at the end of Gemini. Mercury and Gemini conjoin regularly and this is always a good time for communication in close relationships. With Mercury retrograde communication will be especially intimate and inward-going. Time for a deep and meaningful! Mercury remains in retrograde [read more...]

New Moon in Aquarius: bringing the new into being

On 11 February the New Moon rises in Aquarius, as Venus and Jupiter conjoin and square Lilith in Taurus. The New Moon is at 23 degrees of Aquarius which means that in its dark phase it passes over and triggers the Venus Jupiter Lilith square at 12 degrees. As with all New Moons there is an emphasis on new beginnings, but as this is a [read more...]
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