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The Know Yourself Course: An 8-week deep dive into your natal chart and transits

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Know Yourself is an intimate learning experience for advanced beginners with a focus on participation, interaction and active investigation of your own natal chart. It will give you all the skills you need to read your own and others charts, as well as track the planetary transits in your own life. Learn all about this course and join the wait list here.

4 reviews for The Know Yourself Course: An 8-week deep dive into your natal chart and transits

  1. sue wyatt

    Faith has a kind wisdom about her. I truly appreciate her ability to explain the complex concepts of astrology in understandable ways. Her course offered me the exact kind of information I was looking for in my search of a deeper understanding of this ancient symbolic language. I highly recommend it for anyone on a path toward self-awareness.

  2. Anahit

    Taking Faith’s Know Yourself course, in 2016, started off for me an amazing journey toward accessing one’s inner wisdom. On the one hand, this informative course helped me gain a comprehensive and clear understanding of the technical knowledge of astrology, e.g. signs, houses, planets, aspects, etc. On the other hand, taking this inspiring course empowered me with the intuitive astrological knowledge indispensable in cultivating constructive self-understanding on the path of fulfilling one’s potential. Glad Faith is offering this amazing course again in 2020!

  3. Esther Phillips

    This is a wonderful course of exceptional value – with easy listening audio, thoughtfully worded tutorials by Faith and access to an interactive forum with a wider astrology community. Great for new students and/or a refresher, I highly recommend this course for everyone. 😊

  4. Bob Breeze

    Though being a fairly serious student of Astrology as far back as the 1980’s it was not until I went through a particularly rough patch in my life that I came across Faith’s course. It proved to be the start of very satisfying journey to discover my life’s true purpose and I can’t express enough gratitude for that accidental meeting and the path it set me on. Thank you Faith.

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