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How will Saturn square Uranus affect you?

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Do you have planets or points between 4 and 21 degrees of the Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius? If so you are likely to be strongly impacted by the square between Saturn and Uranus, which will be in effect for most of 2021 and 2022. If you are affected, themes of rebellion against authority and struggle against the status quo may colour your personal life, but which of these two energies will come out on top depends very much on your individual natal chart configuration. This quick 15 minute check-in will give you the heads up on how this energy is likely to play out for you. This is a recorded reading. Please provide your date, time and place of birth at checkout.

3 reviews for How will Saturn square Uranus affect you?

  1. Annie Ward (verified owner)

    I ordered this report and I found that Faith hit on what is currently EXACTLY on my mind! I love astrology and have been into it since a teenager but lately, I seem to get a bit lost in the details lol, and seriously needed a professional astrologer and their experience and objectivity! Faith delivered and everything she said, her clarity and advice- superb! I just sat listening, nodding and nodding some more and this small reading just cleared the debris and went straight to the heart of the matter! Excellent! And I will be back! Highly recommend Faith’s astrology readings! Thank you Faith! :)

  2. Asli Ceylan

    This special aspect reading is a very good guide to understand and see what might wait for you in the following years. This reading helped me a lot to see the bigger picture and prepare for what might come next. I love Faith’s perspective with her wisdom and knowledge. Always spot on and helps me a lot to understand myself or the potential me better. If you want to be aware of your potentials or the aspects which will trigger you to support you to become better version of yourself, you should not miss Faith’s reading! Honestly, it is highly recommended! Thank you Faith and much love! :)

  3. Jasmine Westgate (verified owner)

    I was a bit concerned that the Saturn square Uranus transits would affect me, and I wasn’t wrong – I am glad I requested a reading from Faith so I know what to keep a look out for. The reading was thorough, very detailed, and I can see Faith knows her stuff as she explained everything very well. As this transit covers periods in both this year and 2022, I will be referring back to it often and wouldn’t hesitate to order readings in the future for other transits I am curious about. Thank you Faith.

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