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Mostly sweet with a few nuts: the astrology of family dynamics

astrology of family dynamics

The astrology of family dynamics is a fascinating area of synastry, or astrological relationship analysis. It can give deep insights into areas of potential or actual conflict between members of a family unit and can be invaluable in working with difficult relationships.

George Burns once said that “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city” and many people would agree. Personally when I first left home I deliberately tried to live at least two hours drive from my family of origin! Over time my relationships with my family have improved but not without a lot of hard work, negotiation and humility on both sides.

Many people find their most challenging relationships are with their parents or siblings. These are the people who are supposed to be our nearest and dearest, but often our feelings about them are complicated. There may be past hurts, manipulative or toxic patterns involved, or we may simple be very different in our values or temperaments.

We don’t get to choose our family. Where we might walk away from a difficult relationship in a workplace or a friendship that has soured we are forced to come to terms with and deal with even the most difficult of familial relationships. This is often hard work, even more so when the other party is not able or willing to work with us.

The astrology of family dynamics can help us pinpoint where there is work to be done and show us the role we play within each relationship. This role may be different with each family member. For example with our mother and siblings we might be opinionated and loud, while with our father we are more humble and reserved.

How does the astrology of family dynamics work?

To understand a relationship between ourselves and a member of our family we take our own natal chart and compare it to theirs. Just as we can see aspects between the planets in our own chart we can also see aspects between our own planets and someone elses. For example I might see that my Mars is in square aspect to the Pluto in my mother’s chart. This could signify power struggles and conflict between us.

We can also use another kind of chart called a composite chart which uses the midpoints between our planets to show how we function as a unit. I find that this type of chart is more useful in analysing the relationship between a couple than for family members. Nevertheless it can be another useful tool in the astrology of family dynamics.

The astology of family dynamics can also help us understand our own underlying habit patterns and weaknesses. For example through understanding that several people in our family were subtly putting us down or undermining our confidence we will better understand self esteem issues and fears abour trusting others.

Of course looking into the astrology of family dynamics doesn’t get us off the hook of taking responsibility for our own self development. No matter what our past experiences we are the only ones who can take up the reins of our own lives and steer ourselves in a positive direction. There is no room for the victim mentality if you wish to live a happy and empowered life.

Fascinated by the astrology of family dynamics?

If you’re interested in understanding your own family dynamics better you may wish to order a reading. Synastry readings cost a little more as there are two people’s charts to analyse but the insights you gain into these key relationships can be invaluable.

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  1. Great article, Faith! LOVE the title! I can definitely relate. My daughter’s Mars makes an exact conjunction to the Moon in my chart and there’s no one on the planet that makes her more angry than I do. Lessons in humility abound! :)

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