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Mercury and mindfulness: understanding our monkey mind

Mercury is a slippery fellow: as well as ruling our thinking, communication and intellect he’s also the patron of trickery and thieves. It’s not surprising then that Buddhists and other spiritual teachers advocate mindfulness, or careful observation of our thinking, as a key path to greater wisdom and consciousness. So what [read more...]

New Moon in Aries: forward motion

Saturday 18th April brings the New Moon in Aries and this is going to inspire us with the courage, will and determination to initiate some serious forward motion. I don’t know about you but with Jupiter, planet of abundance and opportunity, now in direct motion after four months in retrograde, my life is certainly opening up and [read more...]

Fear not the Mercury retrograde!

Mercury retrogrades have a bad reputation. “Here we go again,” I hear you say…  “Brace yourself for another period of messed up communication, misplaced emails and delayed flights.” Well perhaps we need to take another look… Astrologer Andrew Smith, who writes for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, has [read more...]