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The Astrology of March 2021: reconnect with spirit

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The Astrology of March 2021 has a very Piscean quality to it with the Sun, Mercury and Venus all spending about half the month in the sign. Over the course of the month they all conjoin Neptune, ruler of Pisces, further enhancing the energy of Pisces and creating conditions favourable to spiritual connection and empathy.

Beware however, as Pisces is also associated with false transcendence, addiction and deceit. Be particularly careful who and what you put your faith in this month, and be watchful that you do not slip into escapist behaviours and habits.

Saturn square Uranus remains within orb until the end of July but will not be exact again until 15 June. Those with planets or points between 4 and 14 degrees of the Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius), may experience this transit as internal conflict.

This conflict will be between the conformist part of you that wants to be accepted and liked by society, versus the part of you that says, ‘to hell with your expectations, I’ll do what I think is right.’ Which of the two come out on top depends on which of the two planets is stronger in your chart. For example, an Aquarian generally has a strong Uranus, while a Capricorn has a strong Saturn.

If you are personally affected by Saturn square Uranus, you can purchase a short 15 minute check-in to give you a heads up on how things are likely to play out for you.

For a deeper analysis of this important transit, read my full article on Saturn square Uranus.

During the the coming months Saturn also remains in sextile to Chiron. This supportive transit suggests that the great clash between Saturn and Uranus can ultimately have a positive healing impact. It suggests commitment to social healing and ‘doing the work’ that needs to be done to overcome cultural trauma and our shared history of oppression and division.

So, on to the astrology of March 2021…

The month begins with a square between Mercury and Lilith on 1 March. This is a brief transit but bitter words may be spoken, or you may find yourself ruminating on resentments. Fortunately a sextile between Venus and Uranus on 3 March favours evolution and openness to new ways of being within relationships.

On 4 March Mars enters Gemini which can make us scatty and distracted with our physical energy. Fitness regimes may be hard to maintain and you may also find your health is impacted by nervous exhaustion or the feeling that you’re running on adrenaline.

On 5 March Mercury conjoins Jupiter for the third time this year. Mercury first passed over Jupiter on 12 January, then turned retrograde and passed back over the planet of expansion on 14 February. Back in February retrograde Mercury and Jupiter were both square to Lilith, suggesting outbursts of pent up frustration. This time a supportive sextile between the Sun and Lilith on the same day will give this day a quality of open-mindedness and creative healing. Productive conversations will be easier.

On 9 March Venus sextiles Lilith, the second in a series of sextiles from Venus to our squared off planets in Aquarius and Taurus. She already sextiled Uranus on 3 March and now she softens the energy of Lilith, allowing anger to be expressed more positively in relationships.

On 11 March the Sun conjoins Neptune, a great day for conducting a sacred act of manifestation. Your creative magic is aligned with your connection to the whole; you are an open channel to bring forth inspired wisdom. Try a simple meditation to calm the mind and then write or draw whatever comes to you. Let it reveal any secrets that you may have been hiding from yourself or were previously unable to access.

On 13 March the New Moon rises at 23 degrees of Pisces. This is a gentle New Moon, with no particular complications from other planets, so enjoy this time to set some intentions that specifically relate to your spiritual life. Have you been neglecting this aspect of yourself lately? Are you in denial about something that needs to be addressed? Spend some time connecting with the deepest part of who you are.

The day after the New Moon, on 14 March, Venus conjoins Neptune which speaks of empathy and compassion in relationships. Just be careful that you don’t go putting on those rosy coloured glasses and letting someone take advantage of you.

On 15 March Mercury enters Pisces. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you choose to play it. If you insist on trying to think and communicate in a proactive, rational and calculated manner you will likely feel handicapped by fog and fuzzy thinking. If on the other hand you use this time to turn inward, reflect and meditate, you may find yourself inspired by your connection to spirit.

Between 16 and 18 March the Sun and Venus sextile Pluto, while Mars sextile Chiron. Though brief, these positive transits favour intimacy and connection in relationships and, if your chart is triggered, can be both healing and transforming.

On 20 March Sun enters Aries. This is the Spring / Autumn Equinox, depending on which hemisphere of the Earth you happen to be. The Sun in Aries is a great energy for new beginning, for initiating new projects for taking a stand and asserting yourself.

Venus enter Aries the very next day, as Mercury sextiles Uranus. Venus is in its detriment in Aries, because Aries is opposite Libra, which is the sign Venus rules. In Libra Venus is all cooperation and teamwork, whereas Venus in Aries is more self-serving. This transit is therefore very helpful for anyone who has let themselves become compromised in a relationship. Read more about Venus in Aries here.

On the same day, a sextile between Mercury and Uranus will be very helpful if there is a conversation you need to have with someone that you’ve been putting off for too long.

On 22 March Mars trines Saturn which is a great energy for sustained effort and determination. This transit lasts for about a week so put your nose to the grindstone and make things happen, especially in the days before the transit is exact.

On 24 March Mercury squares Mars for the third time this year. Mercury square Mars is a volatile aspect that can spur us into action, stir up fiery arguments out of the blue or send our minds racing wildly. If Mercury or Mars is challenged in your chart it is particularly likely to throw you off course, but thankfully the transit is very brief.

On 26 March the Sun conjoins Venus at 5 degrees Pisces, as they both creep up on Chiron at 8 degrees Pisces. This is a very healing time for relationships, especially for those who are willing to be proactive.

On 28 March the Full Moon rises in Libra, as Venus conjoins Chiron and Mars conjoins the North Node. The Sun conjoins Chiron the next day, and on 30 March Mercury conjoins Neptune. This period suggests inspired thinking, empathy, compassion, healing and commitment in relationships, especially as Venus sextiles Saturn on 30 March, with the Sun following close behind to sextile Saturn on 31 March.

Apart from the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus, and the sextile between Saturn and Chiron, there are no transiting aspects from the outer planets in the Astrology of March 2021. As well, all planets are in direct motion this month.

The Astrology of March 2021 represents a kind of lull, a relatively peaceful, quiet month when we can attend to our spiritual life and our closest relationships.

That is, unless you are being triggered by Saturn square Uranus, in which case you are likely experiencing a lot of internal conflict and strife. If this is you, remember I am offering special 15 minute Saturn square Uranus mini readings, which can help you get a sense of how this conflict is likely to play out for you over the course of 2021.

Until next month,
X Faith

PS: I love hearing how you’re experiencing the transits. Share your thoughts on the Astrology of March 2021 in the comments below.

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