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Astrology of September 2021: into the unknown

Astrology of September 2021 Image author unknown.

The Astrology of September 2021 features a series of transits from the faster moving personal planets to the slow moving outer ones. This suggests a gradual shift in our being as we transition the stormy waters created by the Saturn Uranus square which, although currently out of orb, is creating some pretty serious upheaval in our social and cultural lives at this time.

Much of what is going on around us is beyond our control so I’d like to write briefly about a technique I find helpful during times of transition and turmoil: Radical Acceptance.

Eckhart Tolle defines Radical Acceptance when he writes ‘Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life.’ Struggling against things we cannot control, even within our own mind, is pointless and exhausting. Acceptance disengages us from our desire and aversion, allowing us to act powerfully in the areas of our life where we can make a real difference.

I read something recently that really hit home for me. It’s a quote from an unknown source:

The greatest challenge of being alive is to witness the injustice of this world and not allow it to consume our light.

I’ve been thinking on this a lot lately and I’ve been actively practicing Radical Acceptance. Although I fall off the wagon almost every day I’ve found it to be an incredibly useful tool for maintaining my equilibrium in the face of great change and injustice. I write about this approach and my experience of it in this article.

But on to the astrology of September 2021…

The month begins with an opposition between Mars and Neptune on 2 September. Firey Mars and watery Neptune do not easily complement one another, and this transit is likely to bring feelings of lethargy, physical fatigue and a reduction in your masculine force. This will be true for both men and women, but will particular affect those with natal planets or points between 19 and 25 degrees of the mutable signs (Virgo, Sag or Pisces).

As the opposition between Mars and Neptune wanes, Mercury trines Saturn on 5 September bringing strength of mind and intellectual organisation. This is a great time to structure your ideas and plan for any project that is still in the brainstorming phases, especially writing projects. This is also a good time to have conversations where you anticipate that you may need to set or hold boundaries with another, as this transit will help you stay true to your own perspective.

This strength of mind may be a great asset as on 6 September Venus squares Pluto, a transit that typically creates obsessive, manipulative and unhealthy power dynamics in relationships. Be aware that under this transit resentments that have been bubbling under the surface may emerge in rather unpleasant and often passive aggressive ways. Like lancing a boil this may be for the best in the long term but in the moment such behaviours can be very hurtful and repairs may have to be made in the aftermath.

Fortunately, on the same day Venus is also trine with Jupiter. Venus trine Jupiter brings generosity of spirit, openness and benevolence into our relationships. Also on the same day Mars trines Pluto – great for make up sex! Mars trine Pluto is also an energetic and focused energy so any heavy and physical tasks that need to be done can be absolutely smashed out under the influence of this transit and could be a good way to channel frustration or anger brought up by the square between Venus and Pluto.

As this complex energy begins to wane the New Moon rises at 14 degrees Virgo on 7 September. During the New Moon both the Sun and Moon are trine Uranus in Taurus making this a great energy for setting intentions, changing our habits around physical health and well-being, shifting into healthier mindsets around prosperity and abundance, as well as letting go of a scarcity mindset. Spending time in nature and tapping into your connection with the Earth can solidify your intent.

On 8 September Mercury opposes Chiron which could have us dwelling on earlier wounding experiences. Take note of any ‘stories’ that emerge, for example ‘I’ve always had a problem with eating too much’ or ‘I’m a bit of a perfectionist’. Ask yourself where these stories come from. Analysing the thought patterns that come from our woundedness can be helpful. Just be careful not to slide into a victim mentality, which can ultimately be dis-empowering.

On 10 September Venus moves into Scorpio, ushering in a period of approximately one month when we are unlikely to be satisfied with superficiality in relationships. We want the deep stuff, even if that means it’s also dark, gritty and dirty. Venus in Scorpio isn’t afraid of the dark. She likes things intense, passionate and emotional. This can be challenging in our social and family relationships where we can come off a bit intense and moody!

On 14 September the Sun opposes Neptune. This can be a confusing energy. We may not see things clearly and as the Sun is our magic and the wand with which we manifest our reality we may find ourselves weaving stories and creations that undermine our well-being. Addictive behaviours, avoiding decisions or commitments for fear of being taken advantage of and self-created dramas are some of the ways this can play out.

On 15 September Mars moves into Libra, the sign of its detriment. Mars is frustrated in Libra. The force of the warrior who acts on instinct alone is thwarted by the need to consider others and negotiate compromise. Therefore with Mars in Libra decision-making may be more challenging. We may weigh options for hours before acting. On the plus side we are likely to be more conscious of other’s needs, especially in the bedroom!

On 17 September Venus squares Saturn which can make relationships feel somewhat arduous. Commitments and obligations to others may feel very heavy. Fortunately, on the same day, the Sun trines Pluto. This is a brief but very empowering transit that levels up our magic and makes use feel capable of anything, especially if your chart is triggered.

On 20 September the Full Moon rises at 28 degrees Pisces as Mercury trines Jupiter. This is a fantastic energy for speaking what is on your heart and also favours deep listening and connection. Opening up to someone and letting yourself be vulnerable can allow you to draw closer to one another. However we must choose wisely who we confide in, remembering that not everyone will respond to us with gentleness, compassion and respect.

This is especially true as Mercury is also heading into a square with Pluto, exact on 22 September. Mercury in Pluto can tend us towards obsessively and paranoid thinking, which can lead to conscious or unconscious betrayals of ourselves and others. This transit can also cause us to speak with the sting of a Scorpion so if anger arises take time out and come back to the conversation when you have cooled down.

Also on 22 September, the Sun moves into Libra. Libra season places particular emphasis on relating, teamwork, collaboration, negotiation and compromise. This is not a time to assert your own needs in a bombastic fashion, over-riding or disregarding the needs of others. Tact, diplomacy and non-judgement are the order of the day (or month ;)

On 23 September Venus opposes Uranus. The square between Mercury and Pluto is separating but still very much in effect, making this a very volatile energy for relationships. We are likely to encounter others whose need for freedom, space and independence clashes with our desire for closeness, intimacy or depth. With Venus in Scorpio we may feel possessive or clingy while the other person is detached. The Sun in Libra will help here.

On 25 September Mars trines Saturn which is a fantastic energy for hard physical labour and endurance. If you’ve got a mountain to climb or a marathon to run this is the day for it!

On 27 September Mercury turns retrograde in Libra, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron, who are all retrograde during the entire month of September. All these planets in retrograde motion suggests that this is a time for personal reflection, taking stock and waiting patiently for the right moment to act. A slower pace is favoured and we would do well to avoid starting any major new projects at this time.

On 29 September the Sun trines Saturn, giving us stability, perseverance, strong personal boundaries and determination. Manifestation is favoured. On the same day Venus trines Neptune bring empathy, compassion and psychic connection into our relationships.

Finally, on 30 September Venus squares Jupiter. Of all the squares this is probably the least difficult, being between the two most benefic planets. Generally this transit makes us just a little too indulgent, generous and open in our relationships, and with our money. It’s important to consider who you trust and whether a person is likely to take advantage or overstep boundaries during this transit.

The Astrology of September 2021 has distinct themes of relating and connection. We must reclaim our personal power and assert our needs while at the same time honouring what is best for the other. Finding the balance between these two is key to peace both on the personal and societal levels.

Of course it’s important to remember that astrology does not show what is going to happen but only the energies at play. How we work with these energies is up to us. If you’re new to astrology and still getting your head around this idea, check out my article Evolutionary Astrology: beyond predictions and personality.

That’s all for the Astrology of September 2021. See you next month :)

X Faith

PS: I love hearing how you’re experiencing the transits. Share your thoughts on the Astrology of September 2021 in the comments below.

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