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Full Moon in Gemini: shape-shifting

By Cristina Rombi

Full Moon in Gemini Image courtesy of Unsplash

To me, it seems oddly relevant that the last Full Moon of both the year 2019 and the decade will occur in the dual, mutable, feathery sign of Gemini — at 19°51, on December 12, 05:12 AM UTC. Mutable signs are the signs that cap off each season and prepare us for the next: they are known for their adaptable spirit and shape-shifting ways.

It makes sense that, while we find ourselves in between different seasons of our life, amidst the wave of stern, Saturnine energy exuded by a cluster of planets gathering in the sign of Capricorn, that urges us to plan for the future, we also get to part with the past through this Full Moon in the most airy and flexible of the signs.

In spite of the aspects made to the Full Moon in Gemini by Saturn and Neptune, which we will discuss later, the Full Moon in zestful, dynamic Gemini still feels like a dainty invitation to let go of the past, savour the present and imagine the future. Most importantly, this is a Full Moon that shakes up our mental circuitry with messages and ideas being spread far and wide.

Some of those messages and ideas are meant for us: they might come under the guise of synchronicities, serendipities, fragments of conversations we overhear in public, numbers or  déjà-vu: Gemini is the sign of the puer aeternus, so it should come as no surprise to notice a certain playful quality in the way the Universe interacts with us at the time of this Full Moon.

At its very core, Gemini is all about multiplicity. Whether we realize it or not, we are always surrounded by infinite possibilities and able to make our choices at any given time. As we awaken to this tidal wave of cosmic information and gather the bits and pieces that align with our inner truth to take them with us into the New Year — and the new decade—, we’d do well to keep this in mind: our thoughts, and the choices they inform, dictate the direction of our future.

Gemini ruler Mercury will be transiting the opposite sign of Sagittarius: this Full Moon is not just about being entertained by Gemini’s lively energy. We are being encouraged to distil the information into knowledge and use it to envision the next chapter of our journey.

With Neptune in Pisces hitting this Full Moon with a tense square, the very act of discerning what aligns with our purpose, our vision, our morals, might turn out to be an especially elusive task, but this doesn’t mean we can’t turn the hallucinogenic energy of this hazy, dreamy planet into an asset.

Due to its ambivalent, holographic nature, Neptune tends to deflect our attitude back at us, like an eerie hall of mirrors. Relying excessively on our rational mind to make sense of all the information we’re being presented with may cause us to feel confused and overwhelmed, unable to sort out the useful data from what is fickle, inconsequential and useless. Sometimes, true wisdom and knowledge arise from within: simply letting ourselves be, remaining open and receptive to the numinous messages woven into the mundane can yield unexpected, enlightening epiphanies.

And yet, the Capricorn stellium, led by Saturn, which challenges the Full Moon in Gemini with a stealthy Quincunx, is bringing a completely different kind of energy and purpose to the table, urging us to be mindful of the consequences and practical applications of the ideas we come across, the conversations we partake in, the data we collect. To put it simply, with Capricorn being the ultimate energy signature of the New Year, if it isn’t effective, helpful or instrumental in helping us build the foundations of what is to come, it belongs in the past.

If the knowledge we are assembling, if the signals we pick up, if the choices we are contemplating, do not make us feel in charge of our future, perfectly equipped to make informed choices and manage the consequences, if they are not consistent with our integrity, then perhaps the message is not ours to receive. And what is not ours, we don’t need to cling on to.  We can let go.

With so many options in a sea of possibilities, we don’t have to take it all in. We can feel our way through the multitude of voices, and focus on the ones that stand out and speak to us directly.

Overall, this Full Moon is all about questioning, exploring and being active and proactive voices in the conversation that surrounds us instead of passive transmitters: the layers of meaning we uncover, the fragments of knowledge we collect and the signals we pick up unveil a design that is more than the sum of its parts.

This article is written by Cristina Rombi of Zodiac Poetry. For more information on following the Moon transits in your own chart download our free ebook The Language of Astrology.

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