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Astro time management: a time for every purpose under heaven

Astro time management Image by Lacza.

Struggling against our own inclinations makes no sense at all. Instead of rigidly scheduling ourselves we need to practice astro time management. Let’s explore this a little more deeply.

When we practice astro time management we become attuned to the energies at play in our lives. Instead of trying to force ourselves to do what we feel we should do, we listen to and honour our inclinations. In doing so we begin to flow with life rather than struggling against it.

This doesn’t mean that we ignore or neglect our commitments. Some things just have to be done. For me child caring is one of these things, as is all the little tasks of household management and family life. I can’t just leave the dishes to pile up indefinitely because I don’t feel like doing them, however I can postpone that deep clean of the laundry, perhaps until Mars is in Virgo :)

Astro time management is difficult because our society runs by the clock and the calendar, both of which are based on uniform units of time. We are expected to show up at work Monday through Friday at 9am on the dot and there’s very little room to move within this structure.

Still, there are subtle ways we can integrate astro time management into our daily life. Certainly in our leisure time we are free to follow our natural tendencies, but even at work most of us have some choice as to which activities we focus on and when.

On a more macro level, looking at outer planet transits can give us clues as to the right timing of major decisions and the implementation of big projects. For example, it would be unwise to start a new business when Saturn is square to natal Mars and passing through the 3rd House. On the other hand, a Jupiter transit to the mid-heaven and sextile to natal Venus would be an ideal time to kick off that new endeavour.

To apply this knowledge to your own life you’ll need your own birth chart which you can get for free at If you already have your chart but are still figuring out how to track the transits you might enjoy my ebook The Language of Astrology. It’s free to download.

Astro time management shouldn’t become an obsession. We all have responsibilities and sometime you just have to suck it up. But becoming more aware of the planetary energies and working with them can make life easier and more fulfilling. Learning to flow with these energies supports our well-being and makes it easier to achieve our goals.

Book a 15 minute check-in to get an overview of current transits, and understand what you can focus on now to get the most out of this period in your life.

4 Comments on Astro time management: a time for every purpose under heaven

  1. This is funny, because ever since I got deeper into astrology and began understanding the astro ‘Seasons’ I have spent a lot of my time allowing myself to follow these trends. At least where it feels natural.

    I know for example that January is always a reflective time for me, since Capricorn rules my 12th house. So I practically go into a kind of hibernation. I know my dreams will be more significant and have deeper meaning than usual, that I will really benefit from meditation. So, if possible, I plan all outward action to later in January when the Sun and Co joins in my 1st house and all action is on ME. If Mercury is not in Rx mode, I buy new clothes and vamp up my appearance etc.

    I have noticed that when I let myself prepare for these things, life does seem to flow smoother. When my BF is having 12th house transits for example, I can become the supporting GF because I know what he feels like and why he is tired or more introvert.
    Or, when he talks a lot about himself, I mentally check on his horoscope and remind myself he is in a self centered phase of his 1st house this month.

    By using astrology I can better plan and/or go with the flow. Of course, on bad days, I just get annoyed AF. But overall I try to spend money on electric stuff outside of Mercury Rx, and generally try to advise people to wait a bit longer researching if they consider buying stuff around Mercury Rx, not telling why but usually they listen.

    These days I try to plan for Saturn crossing my Ascendant, trying to squeeze out the last drops of introverted juice from his 12th house transit. I know there will be lots of action when he moved out of it, so I try to take it slow, and not become too impatient LOL .

    • Hi Anette, this is a great description of what I had in mind when I wrote the article. It’s really just about becoming more conscious, both of ourselves and of the world we live in. X

  2. Dank voor je goede aanwijzing voor de synchroniteit van alles . Anna

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