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The four elements in you: practical tips to find balance

By Faith Thomas

Four elements Image author unknown.

One of the first things we learn when we look closely at our natal chart is the balance of the four elements within us. The four elements are fire, air, earth and water and the signs ruled by each are as follows:

  • Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • Water: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Don’t just look at your sun sign and ascendant when you assess the balance of the four elements in your chart. You may be a Gemini sun, making you airy, but also have a predominance of other planets in earth signs. If you generated your natal chart at you will see the balance of the planet in the small chart at the bottom right of the page.

Even if you have lots of a particular element in your chart it can be overpowered by a transiting planet or planets. For example having transiting Mars conjunct your Pisces Moon will dry up that water pretty quickly!

How to know if one of the four elements is lacking in you

You can usually see if a particular element is missing by looking at your chart, but you can also get a feel for what you lack by observing yourself and the way you feel and behave. Below are a few tips to help you understand where you may have an imbalance of the four elements.

If you are low in the Fire Element

  • You seem to lack a certain get up and go
  • You feel tired a lot of the time
  • You feel uninspired by life and nothing really excites you any more
  • You’re less interested in sex

If you are low in the Earth Element

  • You see life as very hard and tend towards a scarcity mentality
  • You’re not looking after yourself very well, forget meals, eat too much junk food or neglect your own well being
  • You may lack a patch of earth to call your own, maybe because you live in an apartment, rent or have neglected to connect with the natural world where you live

If you are low in the Air Element

  • You find it hard to think clearly or retain information
  • Your mind is chattering away but not much of its noise is significant
  • You feel anxious if air element is over-active, dull if it is deficient

If you are low in the Water Element

  • You are probably literally dehydrated
  • You are busy most of the time and rarely relax long enough to reflect on how you feel
  • You feel scattered and ill at ease, disconnected from yourself

How to bring in each of the four elements

Here are some practical tips to bring each of the four elements more into your life:

Bringing in the Fire Element

  • Create: draw, write, dance, sing, collage, sew, cook, sculpt, garden
  • Light a candle and sit with it for a while. Focus fully on the flame and bring your attention back to it every time you notice it wander. Do this daily for best results
  • Sit before a fire. Enjoy the crackle and pop of the flames and the strange mesmerizing quality of looking into its mysterious depths
  • Activate your body more to ignite the fire within. Go for a walk, run, dance, do a yoga class or cycle. Get yourself puffed out
  • Explore. Go somewhere new, do something you’ve never done before

Bringing in the Earth Element

  • Gets your hands dirty. Plant a tree. Grow your own herbs or get into propagating by cutting. Cuttings are great because they provide loads of little plants to give to people as gifts. An amazing everyday, example of Earth’s abundance :)
  • Eat. Remember that you are literally partaking of the earth, her fruits and produce. Practice gratitude and awareness of this
  • Care for your body. Our physical being is the literal manifestation of earth in us. Making ourselves healthy meals is an important part of honoring this but self-care rituals that are often deemed mundane such as brushing our hair, moisturising or getting a massage are also powerful ways of  connecting to the earth element.
  • Be sensual. Enjoy the texture of fabrics, try on new scents or connect with your lover

Bringing in the Air Element

  • Read something that makes you think. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Online or hardback
  • Listen to a podcast. There are so many out there you’re sure to find something that intrigues you
  • Write. A journal is a great place to start. Expand to essays, stories, emails, blogging, poetry or write a letter to your grandma :)
  • Have more conversations with friends and family. Ask questions and become curious about their ideas and experiences
  • Learn something new. Enrol in a course, workshop or class. Expand your understanding and open your mind to new information
  • Listen to music; it’s great for your brain!
  • Meditate for greater mental clarity

Bringing in the Water Element

  • Spend time by a lake, creek, river or the ocean. If it’s possible swim, but at least dip your hands and feet into water and splash your face. Be awake to the sounds scents and sensations of the water
  • Become observant of your emotions and explore your feelings to move through them in a healthy way
  • Choose your friends wisely. People with unresolved toxic emotions such as jealousy, anger or resentment can really throw you off your game
  • Drink water! Most people don’t drink enough. It hydrates our cells and fills us with vitality

To find out more about the four elements and how you can support them in your own life check out our free mini astrology lessons.

How do you support the Four Elements in your own life?

Everyone is different and finding balance within is a unique journey. What have you found helpful for supporting the Four Elements? Please share your experiences below.

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3 Comments on The four elements in you: practical tips to find balance

  1. great ideas for bringing the elements into our daily lives, Faith … thank you! I have very little Earth in my natal chart and find it so helpful & soothing to my soul to intentionally seek “earth” experiences like being in nature or getting my hands in the soil!

  2. This makes so much sense! I lack water and I recognized myself in this completely.

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