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Learning astrology? Enjoy these free mini lessons

Learning astrology Image Boy Studying by Lewis Hine.

Learning astrology can be challenging for the beginner. Most people find it complicated and abstract and many give up before they’ve mastered the basics. But learning astrology is just like learning a language. At first it’s all verb tables, conjugations and a head swimming with words that don’t quite fit together. It’s not pleasant and most people have to push pretty hard to get through it.

But one day you’re sitting with friends and the words are washing over you as usual; then suddenly you understand a whole sentence! After that your understanding grows exponentially and before you know it you’re participating in the conversation. Learning astrology is similar and if you’re struggling with the abstractions you’re not alone. It takes a while before you can apply it practically to your everyday life.

These eight mini lessons are designed to make learning astrology just that little bit easier. A great place to start if you’re new to astrology, they take each element separately and break it down into manageable chunks using simple language and easy to remember keywords. When you’ve finished all eight lessons you’ll be able to start reading your own birth chart.

Learning astrology can also be expensive and time-consuming. These mini lessons will help you master the basics without investing in expensive books or searching all over the internet for the missing pieces of the puzzle. As you develop your skills you’ll spend plenty of time and money researching the more complex aspects of astrology!

Learning astrology doesn’t have to be a headache. Just take it one step at a time and remind yourself that you’re doing this for your own growth and clarity. I hope these eight little astro bites will make learning astrology a much more pleasant experience for you!

Learning astrology can be easy and fun…

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Image Boy Studying by Lewis Hine.

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