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Working with your Moon sign: unconscious habit patterns

We tend to romanticise the Moon and it’s easy to understand why: she’s the saviour of lost travelers, a beacon in the dark and wondrously beautiful to boot. But she also has her dark side: in esoteric tradition she’s associated with illusion, madness and hysteria. Understanding your Moon sign can help you avoid being [read more...]

Planetary cycles through the houses of the zodiac

Astrology is essentially a study of the complex series of planetary cycles that play out over time to stimulate the process of human evolution. When we are born we arrive on this planet at a certain point in time and space. At this point we enter into a complex, cosmic dance that then plays out over the course of our lives, much like a [read more...]

Moon phases meditations: your emotional rhythms

I’ve been drawn to meditation since my early twenties but over the years my understanding of it has changed. When I was young meditation was a mysterious phenomenon only accessible to the initiated, those much wiser and more enlightened than I. Then, after my first ten-day Vipassana course, I began to see meditation as something we [read more...]

Mercury and mindfulness: understanding our monkey mind

Mercury is a slippery fellow: as well as ruling our thinking, communication and intellect he’s also the patron of trickery and thieves. It’s not surprising then that Buddhists and other spiritual teachers advocate mindfulness, or careful observation of our thinking, as a key path to greater wisdom and consciousness. So what [read more...]

Learning astrology? Enjoy these free mini lessons

Learning astrology can be challenging for the beginner. Most people find it complicated and abstract and many give up before they’ve mastered the basics. But learning astrology is just like learning a language. At first it’s all verb tables, conjugations and a head swimming with words that don’t quite fit together. [read more...]

Evolutionary astrology: beyond predictions and personality

If you’re anything like me, your first taste of astrology was probably via Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs or one of the thousands of newspaper horoscopes that claim to know how your day will go. Because it was so simplistic I immediately rejected it. I couldn’t accept that human beings, that diverse, nuanced bunch of saints [read more...]

Lunar fertility: astrology for pregnancy

As we women know, tuning into our menstrual cycle is the key to understanding and managing our fertility. And what controls and regulates our menstrual cycle? The Moon. Understanding our fundamental lunar fertility is all about getting in touch with the cycles of the Moon. Many women in their 30’s wait for years to get pregnant, [read more...]

The Real Meaning of your Sun sign

If you’re new to astrology you may not be aware that what is known as your Star Sign in pop astrology is actually the sign the Sun was transiting at the moment of your birth. The Sun, source of all life on Earth. It’s little wonder that in astrology the Sun represents our creative life force. Having read Conversations with [read more...]
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