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The mutable signs: how we become comfortable with change

By Rose Birt

Mutable signs

In our chart, the mutable signs, planets and aspects of our cosmic composition are always extending an invitation to us to expand our perception and shift the paradigms of our self-awareness to ever increasing degrees. Mutable, itself, means fluctuating, varying, fluid and changeable. We are meant to learn how to be comfortable with change because with this knowledge comes such inner empowerment and outer security, that you will never be able to look at yourself in the same way ever again.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

John C. Maxwell

There is a point in all of our lives, personally and collectively, where you instinctively sense that change is imminent. The buildup feels almost unbearable and there is a constant feeling of anxiety over every decision that is supposed to move you from one stage to the next. Every next stage presents its own challenges, and that feeling of tension sticks with you, hardly seeming to yield the relief that should be there, somewhere.

Some of us spend the majority of our life feeling like this because change is always on the horizon. It is, in fact, our very nature. Navigating ourselves through our experiences does not have to be so hard. In fact, there is a way to be comfortable and at ease with the changes in our life and use them to connect even more deeply to our inner truth. Becoming familiar with the mutable signs and how they play out in your natal chart is a great place to start.

The mutable signs and change

Change is an inevitable part of our evolution and to fall in love with change, is to fall deeply in love with yourself and the life you are living. The good news is that you do not have to wait for your outer world to change in order to love your life. The bad news (but actually still good news) is that you need to take conscious responsibility for all of your inner changes and emotional shifts before you truly do. The mutable signs share their wisdom in how to do this.

The mutable sign of Pisces: what we create

Whenever I am looking to understand something, I start with Pisces. Typically, because it represents the culmination of all knowledge, our Soul’s whole experience and the pure potential of our lessons learned; and definitely not because my Sun, Mars and Venus is in Pisces and I think it is the most important sign. ;)

Pisces represents a certain home-base quality where whenever we reach it, we are joyous, purposeful, in the moment and above all else, safe. Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house is the culmination of all of our changes and every single one is right on time and just as they should be. Pisces invites you to expand your consciousness to the gifts that change can bring.

The highest evolutionary intention of Pisces is not based in fear, but in the deepest and all-encompassing energy of unconditional love. This is our source energy. This is where we come from and where we return. This is our proverbial safe space. When we can know that everything happens in divine timing and in just the way our soul is needing, there is nothing left but to practice radical acceptance and ride the waves of change.

Through all changes, the mutable water sign, Pisces, teaches us that in the times when the waves become too rough and when we need more love and support, we can drop an anchor into the Source of our being and receive from the unconditional love that is always there ready to guide us.

Pisces symbol is the two fishes, which represent the duality between our spirit lives and our physical lives. When we live solely from the perspective of our physical self, Pisces can manifest as feeling like a victim of change; but that is not our truth when we add in the perception of our spirit self and our soul’s conscious direction. With a balanced perspective, we practice radical acceptance of it all. The Pisces energy is symbolic of everything that we are creating in both realms and that everything is truly good, worthy and right on time.

The mutable sign of Gemini: what we see

When we come into a new physical experience, we are nonverbal communicators and we are prime observers of our environments. We absorb the energy of others and are tied into the rhythm of our providers. Before a certain age, we do not even know that we are separate from our mothers, they are simply an extension of our self until we start to develop cognitively to sense and verbalize our separateness.

The mutable sign of Gemini, with its twin symbolism, is another sign that represents our duality for this reason. There is a part of us that will always be connected to and can feel in sync with our Source energy perspective (our intuition); and there is a part of us that sees and thinks our individual thoughts.

Gemini is where our perspective starts to split from Source energy and where our physical self becomes more real to us. So real, that we forget our spirit self in the midst of all of the other physical realities that we can’t help but observe and that we subsequently start to mirror in our own life.

Gemini, Mercury and the third house show us that all perspectives create. We use our words as tools for manifestation and we usually can’t stop talking about what we see other people do. Gemini reminds us that we have a choice in which perspective we connect (and create) with. It also teaches us that our unique physical perspective is intimately connected to our intuitive perception. Our true voice and vision will always be a combination of those two energies.

When we are taught “how the world works” by our well-intentioned parents, siblings and other adults, and we then unconsciously project that, our ability to develop our authentic purpose is delayed. As we move through any change, it is important to remember that we always have a choice in how we look at anything.

Gemini is the more objective observer. It is how we approach learning without any biases. We are encouraged to step back to withdraw our energy from outer sources and connect with the inner source that is always there, ready to merge its perspective with our individual one to come up with the best solution, possible and live the life we came here to live.

The mutable sign of Virgo: what we think

Virgo shares the planet of Mercury with Gemini, but where Gemini is a mutable air sign and is more comfortable with the winds of change; the mutable earth sign of Virgo allows the physical reality perspective to eclipse the spirit perspective in a lot of ways. Not just our own, but the realities of others, as well.

We cannot observe anything without absorbing its energy in some way. If we are unconsciously engrossed in what someone else is going through, we are joining them in their creation and our energy will continue to reflect it through our own experiences.

We need, and actually crave change in order to evolve, but if we feel stuck looking at what is in front of us that we may or may not want; we resist and block the changes of what it could become or even what else is out there to explore. The Mutable sign of Virgo and the 6th house is often associated with crisis. This is where we learn how to take into account the perspectives of others and compare and contrast them with our own.

That is a lot of thought energy! It is no wonder that we can feel overwhelmed or desperate to find meaning in our experiences because when we are too involved with the thought energy of others, we have a harder time hearing our intuition and seeing the broader picture that is held by Pisces.

Like the other mutable signs, Virgo coaches us through change. It does so by helping us discern our own thoughts and feelings from those of other people. Yes, it is great to be aware of what other people are going through – but your awareness does not make you responsible for what others experience. You simply cannot control what another person creates with their emotions.

Virgo seeks to discipline our focus back unto our self, where we have that control. Virgo represents the tremendous power of our mental capacity to hold many opposing perspectives and to use the information we receive to choose in our best self-interest. As the opposite sign to Pisces, we are encouraged to choose in our best self interest because in the bigger picture, an authentic choice is a win for all of humanity.

The mutable sign of Sagittarius: what we believe

A belief is just a thought that we think over and over again. It has been practiced by many, passed down and imprinted in our psyche. As Sagittarius rests opposite of the 3rd house in our chart, it is easy to see that our core beliefs come from our earliest learning environments. In the mutable fire sign of Sagittarius, we begin to understand how what we believe has the power to create in our lives. When we believe something, we are more likely to act on those beliefs and thus invite the results or proof of those beliefs to us, making them stronger.

Because Sagittarius is so strongly tied to religion and higher education, it has been taught that to question any belief is wrong. In fact, we try very hard to convert others to believe what we believe when we feel it is important and true. Those beliefs can end up feeling more like unmovable barriers to what we are really wanting – especially if we are still in crisis and absorbing other people’s experiences.

What we are really wanting is to know what is true for us, individually. The mutable energy of Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 9th house invite us shift our beliefs, to let go of old ones that no longer serve us and to keep reaching for the higher beliefs that grow us. When we allow ourselves to step back and collect our own thoughts about what we are feeling, we can identify the beliefs that we hold for ourselves and decide whether we want to keep them or not. Any belief can change, transform and evolve – and when that happens, so do we.

The mutable signs in your chart

We all have mutable energy in our chart, either through planets in the mutable signs or in their houses. Specific planetary placements and aspects will reflect the types of obstacles or ease you have with change. But we know now that where ever these mutable qualities are placed in your chart, you are being invited to lean into your own unique brand of transformation.

  • Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house in your chart ask you to practice radical acceptance and unconditional love so that you can see a bigger picture.
  • Gemini, Mercury and the 3rd house ask you step back and practice being that objective observer and to reacquaint yourself with your spirit perspective.
  • Virgo and the 6th house in your chart reminds you to take responsibility for your own thoughts and feelings and that your ability to focus on those is a skill worth growing.
  • Sagittarius, Jupiter and the 9th house encourage you to question everything and to not be afraid of shifting beliefs. When we ask different questions of our self, we think of different answers and if those answers are aligned and balanced with our spirit, then we form new, empowering beliefs that support our soul.

This is our birth right and natural to who we are as energetic consciousness; and exercising this right is how we utilize the energy of change to become who we came here to be. Understanding the mutable signs in your chart can help.

Many blessings and so much love to you on your path,


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